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Directory of Interscholastic Moot Court Competitions, 1989 by George Washington Universit... ISBN: 9780962332906 List Price: $12.00
Three Paths to Leadership : A Study of Women on the Minnesota Supreme Court by Krueger, Christine ISBN: 9780963368645 List Price: $8.00
Appellate Practice in the United States by Stern, Robert L. ISBN: 9780871793522 List Price: $49.00
Federal Courts and the Law of Federal-State Relations, 1991 Supplement by Low, Peter W., Jeffries, Jo... ISBN: 9780882779232 List Price: $9.95
Complete Supreme Court Criminal Digest, 1950 to June 1987 by Malik, S. ISBN: 9780785536567 List Price: $660.00
Complete Digest of Supreme Court Cases (1950 to Date) by Malik, S. ISBN: 9780785536550 List Price: $2,100.00
Miscellanea the Pick of the Four Judges : Miscellanies and Later Writings by Hidayatullah, M. ISBN: 9780785536895 List Price: $150.00
Civil Court Manual (Central Acts.) by Unknown ISBN: 9780785537229 List Price: $750.00
Courts and Political Process in India by Grover, Verinder ISBN: 9780785548072 List Price: $525.00
Appellate Advocacy by Beazley ISBN: 9780735524088
Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure with Forms 2001 by Hyde, Henry J. ISBN: 9780756721718 List Price: $20.00
Consolidated Courts and Court Officers Acts 1922-2005 by Breen, P. J. ISBN: 9781905536009
Cases and Materials on Federal Constitutional Law by Odom, Thomas H. ISBN: 9781632809582
Directory of State and Local Courts in the United States by Yannone, Mark J. ISBN: 9780897745222
Introduction to Court Interpreting by Mikkelson, Holly ISBN: 9781138131224
National Courts and EU Law : New Issues, Theories and Methods by De Witte, B., Wind, M., May... ISBN: 9781783479894 List Price: $125.00
Organization of Courts by Pound, Roscoe ISBN: 9780598826572 List Price: $30.00
Research Handbook on International Courts and Tribunals by Schabas, William A., Murphy... ISBN: 9781781005019
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