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Buy used court records textbooks today and gain a better insight into how courtrooms work and what individuals' roles happen to be. We have a wide range of titles that will help in this way, which include Persuasive Written and Oral Advocacy, and Jackson County, Georgia Superior Court Records, 1796-1803. As you can see there are lots of options available here and plenty of new books coming into our law section all the time as well. Make sure you have the chance to get the cheapest books and don't pay full price for anything. Our pre-owned collection is the best way to make sure you get the most out of your law studies and understand how courts work. You'll also have access to books focusing on how they worked in the past. Buy cheap court records textbooks now and be sure of enjoying some of the finest deals on college text books.

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Persuasive Written and Oral Advocacy by Fontham, Vitiello, Miller, ... ISBN: 9780735524514
TM: Practicing Persuasive Written & Oral Advocacy: Case File 2 by Miller, David W., Vitiello,... ISBN: 9780735536456
Jackson County, Georgia Superior Court Records, 1796-1803 by Dunn, Teresa W. ISBN: 9781883793067
Survey of Metropolitan Courts Final Report by Virtue, Maxine ISBN: 9780472751990
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