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Children's Rights Re-Visioned Philosophical Readings by Ladd, Rosalind E. ISBN: 9780534235321 List Price: $49.95
Children's Rights Movement by Hawes, Joseph M. ISBN: 9780805797473 List Price: $26.95
Charge Against Society The Child's Right to Protection by John, Mary ISBN: 9781853024115 List Price: $36.95
The Given Child: The Religions' Contributions to Children's Citizenship (Research in Contemp... by Wyller, Trygve, Nayar, Usha S. ISBN: 9783525604366 List Price: $63.00
Children and Citizenship by Williams, Jane, Invernizzi,... ISBN: 9781412935371
Children and Citizenship by Williams, Jane, Invernizzi,... ISBN: 9781412935388
Children's Rights Movement by Hawes, Joseph M. ISBN: 9780805797480 List Price: $15.95
Newly Emerging Needs of Children An Exploration by van Oudenhoven, Nico, Wazir... ISBN: 9789044119138 List Price: $42.50
Handbook on Child Support Enforcement by Leonard, Barry ISBN: 9780788182181 List Price: $15.00
North Carolina Statutes Relating to Child Support January 1996 by Saxon, John L. ISBN: 9781560112884 List Price: $21.50
Enforcing Child Support Parental Duty, Public Priority by English, Jeannine L. ISBN: 9780788143175 List Price: $35.00
Child Support Reform We Owe It to Our Children, Minnesota Proposals by Humphrey, Hubert H., III ISBN: 9780788149474 List Price: $20.00
Child Support for Custodial Mothers and Fathers, 1991 by Scoon-Rogers, Lydia, Lester... ISBN: 9780788178276 List Price: $20.00
Children's Rights in Practice by Jones, Phil, Walker, Gary ISBN: 9781849203807 List Price: $42.95
Children's Rights in Practice by Jones, Phil, Walker, Gary ISBN: 9781849203791 List Price: $99.95
Study of the Child Support Collection Business by Thomas, Ralph D. ISBN: 9780918487681 List Price: $29.95
Child Support Law And Policy by Wikeley, Nick ISBN: 9781841135328 List Price: $70.00
Children's Rights : From Philosophy to Public Policy by Cowden, Mhairi ISBN: 9781137492272
Rights of Children by Rawstron, D. D. ISBN: 9780903534352
Interstate Child Support : Wage Witholding Not Fulfilling Expectations by Unknown ISBN: 9780788118524 List Price: $25.00
North Carolina Child Support Statutes by Saxon, John L. ISBN: 9781560114116 List Price: $35.00
Children's Rights : Companies-Products-Services by Unknown ISBN: 9781572051546 List Price: $45.00
Human Rights of Children : From Visions to Implementation by Invernizzi, Antonella, Will... ISBN: 9781138252400
Global Ideologies Surrounding Children's Rights and Social Justice by Tshabangu, Icarbord ISBN: 9781522530626 List Price: $235.00
Child and the European Convention on Human Rights by Kilkelly, Ursula ISBN: 9781409431787
Childrens Rights by Lundy, Laura, Kilkelly, Ursula ISBN: 9781472463012
The Case for the Child: Towards A New Agenda by Greenbaum, Charles, Ronen, ... ISBN: 9789050954068
Question of Commitment Children's Rights in Canada by Howe, R. Brian, Covell, Ka... ISBN: 9781554580033 List Price: $42.95
Child Abduction Prevention Act Report from the Committee on the Judiciary, U.s. House of Rep... by Sensenbrenner, F. James, Jr. ISBN: 9780756744212 List Price: $25.00
Child Support Guidelines, 2004 by Payne, Julien D., Payne, Ma... ISBN: 9781552210734 List Price: $73.50
Ideologies of Children's Rights by Freeman, Michael A., Veerma... ISBN: 9780792318002 List Price: $151.50
North Carolina Statutes Relating to Child Support by Saxon, John L. ISBN: 9781560112266 List Price: $15.00
Children, Family and the State by Archard, David ISBN: 9781138719330
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