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When you're studying language you have a whole range of books that could prove useful when it comes to learning more. Here we provide you with a chance to buy cheap reference textbooks concerning language arts and disciplines, delving into terminology and much more besides. For example, you could buy Comprehensive Medical Terminology, or opt for Terminology Theory, Methods and Applications. Our buyback service means we're always getting more books coming in to our stores, so you have the chance to buy used reference textbooks you didn't see before. We can provide you with discounted offers on many of our cheapest titles, and since they are pre-owned they are always cheaper anyway than buying brand new. Get your language course off to the best start now and make sure you have the best range of books available to look into. Sell your reference books back at any time via our buyback service.

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Phraseology in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching by Granger, Sylviane, Meunier,... ISBN: 9789027232441
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