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Are you interested in finding out more about track running or taking part in field sports? Buy cheap track and field textbooks now and get access to some of the best juvenile titles around today. These include Running for Fun!; A World Class Marathon Runner; What Can Run?; and Ultra Marathon Running. Our collection changes almost daily thanks to our constant sales and buyback system. This means you can sell your track and field books back if you want to, in order to get the best deals when you sell back as well as when you buy track and field textbooks online. Make sure you are always in line for the best deals by coming direct to Valore Books to explore our marketplace. It couldn't be easier to buy books here and you can always find discounted deals that will serve you well while learning. That's what we're here for - to make student life easier for you.

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Running Book by Way, Jennifer ISBN: 9781615142309 List Price: $42.50
Running for Fun! by Deutsch, Jessica, Mahler, C... ISBN: 9780756536299
ninos pueden Correr : Individual Title Six-Packs by Unknown ISBN: 9780757806841 List Price: $26.00
Running by Unknown ISBN: 9780780292154 List Price: $24.95
Ultra Marathon Running by Hayhurst, Chris ISBN: 9781608546091 List Price: $58.50
Running Book / Correr by Glass, Maya ISBN: 9781615142361 List Price: $42.50
Would You Dare Run a Marathon? by Sisk, Siobhan ISBN: 9781482458220
World-Class Marathon Runner by Middleton, Haydn ISBN: 9781403455352 List Price: $8.99
World-Class Marathon Runner by Middleton, Haydn ISBN: 9781403446701 List Price: $31.43
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