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One of the most important topics for young readers to become aware of is the possibility of sexual abuse and how to avoid it. Here, Valore Books is proud to provide a large collection of discounted books on this subject designed for younger readers. These include Your Own Safety, and Stay Safe!: How You Can Keep Out of Harm's Way. We get many other books into our marketplace as well over time, so it is always worth coming back regularly to see what else we have available. You can also choose to sell your sexual abuse books back if you need to free up some space on your shelves. By doing this you can expand our collection and also help others who need cheap access to pre-owned text books just like the ones you will find here. With the use of our website you can get the best deals and the best service as well.

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Your Own Safety by Pancella, Peggy ISBN: 9781403449382 List Price: $7.99
Stay Safe! : How You Can Keep Out of Harm's Way by Nelson, Sara ISBN: 9780761346883 List Price: $52.95
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