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This topic is a very delicate one, but it is nonetheless one that people need to be aware of, especially at a young age. Buy cheap self-mutilation textbooks from our marketplace now if you need to get more information on this topic. With affordable deals on discounted books in this section, you can always be assured of the cheapest prices on pre-owned text books of all kinds. Our collection has books such as Cutting the Pain Away: Understanding Self-Mutilation, and Frequently Asked Questions About Self-Mutilation and Cutting. We've got plenty more titles that come in from sellers too, so if you want to sell your self mutilation books back to help others get to grips with this topic, make sure you do so as soon as possible. These books are aimed at a juvenile audience so look into them today. You will be glad you did your bit.

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Cutting the Pain Away Understanding Self-Mutilation by Nadelson, Carol C., Reinbur... ISBN: 9780791049518 List Price: $35.00
Frequently Asked Questions about Self Mutilation and Cutting by Pomere, Jonas ISBN: 9781615125876 List Price: $58.50
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