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Theory of Knowledge by Dombrowski, Eileen, Bick, M... ISBN: 9780199151226 List Price: $42.00
Tai Chi for Fun! by Koontz, Robin Michal, Chang... ISBN: 9780756532888 List Price: $23.93
Socrates: Greek Philosopher by Zamosky, Lisa ISBN: 9780743904353 List Price: $8.99
Socrates Ancient Greek in Search of Truth by Dell, Pamela J., Nails, Deb... ISBN: 9780756518745 List Price: $31.93
Plato's Socrates As Educator by Scott, Gary Alan ISBN: 9780791447246 List Price: $29.95
Thomas Hobbes : An English Philosopher in the Age of Reason by Rosenberg, Aaron ISBN: 9781608511679 List Price: $66.50
Cognitive Development (Curriculum Connections: Psychology) by Dwyer, Helen ISBN: 9781936333172 List Price: $39.95
William James : American Philosopher, Psychologist, and Theologian by Viegas, Jennifer ISBN: 9781608535170 List Price: $66.50
We All Have Different Abilities by Higgins, Melissa, Barkman, ... ISBN: 9781429683210
Optimism and Self-Confidence by Hill, Z. B. ISBN: 9781422230763
Aristotle by Williams, Brian ISBN: 9781588109972 List Price: $7.99
What Is Humanism? How Do You Live Without a God? And Other Big Questions for Kids by Rosen, Michael, Young, Anne... ISBN: 9780750288422
Descubrimiento de Harry Stottlemeier by Lipman, Matthew, Marti, Osc... ISBN: 9780916834166
Al-Kindi by Lim, Bridget, Viegas, Jennifer ISBN: 9781508171386
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