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Are you a fan of jazz music? It's one of those musical styles that is hard not to like. The history it has to offer is just as important to learn about as the music itself, and that's where we come in. Buy used jazz textbooks here today and get pre-owned books for affordable prices you will love. Look for titles including History of Jazz: African American Contributors; Duke Ellington: Jazz Composer; and Ella Fitzgerald: First Lady of Jazz. These are just a few titles you might find here, but our collection is constantly changing thanks to the attractive and affordable prices we have to offer. Buy cheap jazz textbooks from our marketplace now, or sell your jazz books back to us if you own them today and you want to free up some space for more. With time to look through the possibilities, you really could save a lot of money on your college or school studies.

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Duke Ellington Jazz Composer by Monroe, Judy ISBN: 9780736837415 List Price: $22.60
Ella Fitzgerald First Lady Of Jazz by Schoenberger, Megan ISBN: 9780736837422 List Price: $22.60
History of Jazz African-American Contributions by Asirvatham, Sandy ISBN: 9780791072653 List Price: $30.00
Jazz by Carr, Aaron ISBN: 9781489635846
Jazz by Carr, Aaron ISBN: 9781489635822
Jazz by Carr, Aaron ISBN: 9781489635839
Jazz by Carr, Aaron ISBN: 9781489635815
History of Jazz by Asirvatham, Sandy ISBN: 9780791074893 List Price: $13.25
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