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If you are searching for a range of juvenile nonfiction text books on law and crime, you are in the best place to find the best array of books. We can offer the chance to buy used law and crime textbooks to bring down the cost of buying the books you need. Find cheap law and crime textbooks among our collection today. We have several hundred titles available, including Street Law: A Course in Practical Law; Why Do We Have Laws?; Keeping You Safe: A Book About Police Officers, and What's the State Judicial Branch? We stock many more books too, but they are all discounted and available at the cheapest prices. Make sure you get the best deals and superb quality books by using our service today. We buy back law and crime books as well, so feel free to sell back to us when you want to make money from them.

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Key Labor Laws by Acks, Alex ISBN: 9781502655301 List Price: $35.65
Key Immigration Laws by Ohnaka, Kathryn ISBN: 9781502655271 List Price: $35.65
Key Labor Laws by Acks, Alex ISBN: 9781502655295 List Price: $17.65
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