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How good are you when it comes to board games? Some people invariably seem to be better than others, but if you are only just starting to learn the ropes you can buy cheap board games textbooks from us to help things along. We buy back board games books all the time so you can always be assured of finding a variety of titles that appeal to juvenile readers. Look out for Checkmate!: The Game of Chess - Apply Strategies from Simple to Complex Problems; Chess; and Endgame Strategies 1. We've got plenty more books to find out about too, so come back regularly to see the latest and cheapest titles to be added to our website. With affordable deals available to rent or buy, used board games textbooks couldn't be easier to find than they are here. Make sure you seize the best deals when you first find them.

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Chess by Meachen Rau, Dana, Martens,... ISBN: 9780756506742 List Price: $22.60
Endgame Strategies 1 by Schneider, Stephen A. ISBN: 9780972945646 List Price: $22.50
Get into Chess by Linder, Kevin ISBN: 9780778726395 List Price: $27.60
Checkmate! The Game of Chess Apply Strategies from Simple to Complex Problems by Roza, Greg ISBN: 9780823989256 List Price: $10.00
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