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Buy used general textbooks today and grab the chance to find affordable deals on these superb books. If you are studying a foreign language, or if you're a teacher looking to teach pupils another language, you'll find great books here to help things along. Look out for Komm Mit!: German Level 1; Latin for Americans Level 2; Adventures in Japanese 1 Workbook; Der Besuch Der Alten Dame, and many others besides. We can offer the cheapest prices regardless of whether you want to buy or rent used general textbooks on your chosen language. Discounted prices are a great way to find the books you want without spending a fortune getting them. In fact you can get the best deals and sell your general books back as well if you want to. This is why Valore Books is known for offering some sensational deals - we always have your best interests at heart.

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Shorter Welsh Dictionary by Lewis, D. Geraint ISBN: 9781843230991
Doll's Nose by Haxhia, Miranda, Kohrer, Ur... ISBN: 9780985623746
My Big Barefoot Book of French and English Words by Fatus, Sophie, Cou´┐Żlle, Jen... ISBN: 9781782853039
Language Rules! by Unknown ISBN: 9781602535299 List Price: $324.84
Is It Shiny or Dull? : Set of 6 by Parker ISBN: 9781410907769
Is It Hard or Soft? : Set of 6 by Parker ISBN: 9781410907752
Is It Rough or Smooth? : Set of 6 by Parker ISBN: 9781410907745
Tsumiki 2 by Lee, Margaret, Ito, Yuka ISBN: 9780170106443
Dah Dzahge Esigits by Thompson, Judy, Tahltan Fir... ISBN: 9781926886497
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