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Collecting is something most of us do at a young age. However we don't all carry on doing it into adulthood. It all depends on whether or not we find an area of interest we tend to like. Here you can further your own interests if you buy antiques and collectibles textbooks online from our huge collection of pre-owned books. Look for titles such as Stamps; Kids Collect!; and Kids' Guide to Collecting Stuff, to name just a handful. You'll soon appreciate the fact we buy back antiques and collectibles books all the time, because it means we have regular streams of new books (pre-owned of course) coming onto our website. Watch out for the chance to rent used antiques and collectibles textbooks as well if it suits you better. You may not yet know what area of collecting you want to go into, but with our selection of services it will be easy to borrow or buy the books you need.

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Kids' Guide to Collecting Stuff (Edge Books) by Forest, Christopher ISBN: 9781429654425 List Price: $26.65
Kids Collect! by Harcourt School Publishers ... ISBN: 9780153232527 List Price: $5.10
Cool Stuff to Collect by Turnbull, Stephanie ISBN: 9781770922211 List Price: $9.95
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