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Rent cheap insects, spiders, etc. textbooks now and discover all about these fascinating creatures. Even if you're scared of spiders you'll still get the answers you need without having to see them up close. Everything you need is within the pages of these books, giving you the chance to get all the answers and at affordable prices too. Look out for titles on grasshoppers, fireflies, cockroaches and all kinds of other creepy crawlies. You can find out exactly what an insect is, as well as finding out what makes a termite city. It might make you itch, but at least you can buy used insects, spiders, etc. textbooks without paying top dollar to do so! As you'll see the idea of getting new text books at huge prices is a myth. You can get affordable ones in pre-owned condition instead - and it's easy via our website when you know how.

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Deathstalker Scorpion by Sullivan, Laura L. ISBN: 9781502625779
Complete Guide to Bugs and Insects by Bridges, Melanie ISBN: 9781435163508
Centipedes by Radley, Gail ISBN: 9781644660201
Tarantulas by Gitlin, Marty ISBN: 9781644660249
Scorpions by Sirota, Lyn ISBN: 9781644660232
Millipedes by Radley, Gail ISBN: 9781644660225
Hissing Cockroaches by Gitlin, Marty ISBN: 9781644660218
Termites by Sirota, Lyn ISBN: 9781644660256
Is It a Bee or a Wasp? by Terp, Gail ISBN: 9781644660522
Draw Funny Bugs! by Colins, Luke ISBN: 9781644660737
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