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Rent used peer pressure textbooks from us today and gain access to these text books on a short term basis. If you don't want to rent but would rather buy, cheap peer pressure textbooks are available on these terms as well. Look out for titles including Stepping Up, and Honestly, Mallory! We've got plenty more opportunities to get affordable and pre-owned copies of fictional titles such as these too, so stay in touch if you are looking for more than one book. We deal in all kinds of social issues and provide books on a discounted basis for you to buy or rent. When you realize just how simple our way of working is, you can get the most affordable deals at all times. Don't get left out - learn more about peer pressure today and benefit greatly from it in more ways than one. Try us now and see.

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Stepping Up by Fink, Mark ISBN: 9781934813195
Honestly, Mallory! by Friedman, Laurie ISBN: 9780761347880 List Price: $34.95
What about the Tooth Fairy? by Dolan, Elys ISBN: 9781444948622
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