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No one strives to be homeless, and yet it is an issue that never goes away. Young students may find it difficult to understand how this works, which is why we've got just the types of books to make it easier for them. Rent used homelessness and poverty textbooks from us now and gain access to all the titles you could want. Look for Esperanza Rising; Bright Lights; and Fly Away Home among others, and remember you can buy cheap homelessness and poverty textbooks outright as well. You will always be assured of the cheapest prices whenever you buy or rent from us. Our rental terms are usually for a semester or a quarter - you just have to select your option when you check out. With the very best deals on offer all the time, you can be sure of getting the cheapest prices on pre-owned books at Valore Books.

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Fly Away Home by Booth ISBN: 9780039268077 List Price: $15.90
Esperanza Rising by Ryan, Pam Muñoz ISBN: 9780439771252 List Price: $2.99
I See You by Genhart, Michael, Lew-Vriet... ISBN: 9781433827587 List Price: $15.95
I Am a Bear by Dumont, Jean-Fran�ois, Math... ISBN: 9780802854476
Bright Lights by Ferguson, Sarah ISBN: 9780440412168
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