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From Gold in the Grave to Plot on the Pyramid, we've got some sensational titles for young readers to get stuck into when it comes to history. As you might have guessed, these text books are based in the Middle Eastern regions of the world. This gives you an opportunity to buy cheap Middle East textbooks that unlock many secrets in the history of this part of the world. Buy used books now or you can opt to sell your Middle East books back at a good price, so others can take advantage of them. With discounted prices available everywhere you look, you can get affordable deals and lots of great fictional stories to read based in this area. Whatever you want to buy, you can certainly get stuck into some great stories that will captivate you and teach you a lot about this region. From graves to pyramids, there are a lot of secrets to uncover.

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Phantom and the Fisherman by Deary, Terry, Flook, Helen ISBN: 9781404812727 List Price: $21.26
Plot on the Pyramid by Deary, Terry, Flook, Helen ISBN: 9781404812734 List Price: $21.26
Gold in the Grave by Deary, Terry, Flook, Helen ISBN: 9781404812703 List Price: $21.26
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