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Patito Feo/the Ugly Duckling Version Del Cuento De Hans Christian Andersen /a Retelling of t... by Blackaby, Susan, Delage, Ch... ISBN: 9781404816442 List Price: $19.93
Chuck and Duck by Hay, Sam, Johns, Ann ISBN: 9781848985094 List Price: $24.25
The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs by Herwick Rice, Dona ISBN: 9781433302916
Gordon Grizwald's Grumpy Goose by Loewen, Nancy, Greathouse, ... ISBN: 9781404848788
La Gansa De Los Huevos De Oro/the Goose That Laid the Golden Egg Version De La Fabula De Eso... by White, Mark, Rojo, Sara, Ru... ISBN: 9781404816220 List Price: $19.93
We're Going to Feed the Ducks by Cruickshank, Margrit, Reeve... ISBN: 9780836840278 List Price: $24.00
Wyatt and the Duck by Redmond, Shirley Raye, Sent... ISBN: 9781404847484
La Pata Flora by Dolan, Penny, Widdowson, Ka... ISBN: 9781404826618 List Price: $19.93
Little White Duck by Harcourt School Publishers ... ISBN: 9780153004025 List Price: $14.40
3/1 Pkg Sail Em Lazy Duck (Sails) by Windsor, Jo, Webb, Philip ISBN: 9780757831997 List Price: $57.00
Dabby's Pond by Elizabeth, Shelby ISBN: 9781404271487 List Price: $6.50
Little Duck Learns to Swim by Cullinan ISBN: 9780153312403 List Price: $24.20
Hello, Duck! by Unknown ISBN: 9780736221184 List Price: $21.30
Mother Duck's Walk : Small Versions of Big Books by Unknown ISBN: 9780757872297 List Price: $29.00
Fat Ducks by Rigby Education Staff ISBN: 9780763599171 List Price: $27.00
Robbers by Rigby Education Staff ISBN: 9780763599133 List Price: $27.00
Duck in Luck! by Ryan, Ann Marie, Denis, Flo... ISBN: 9781848985063 List Price: $24.25
On My Stoop : Long Vowel Storybooks by Barchers, Suzanne I. ISBN: 9781433329203
Wild Duck Family by St. John, Helen, Scholzen-G... ISBN: 9780880102780 List Price: $13.00
Visit to Dr. Duck by Wells, Rosemary, Wells, Ros... ISBN: 9780763672294
Mother Goose and Her Children by Hopkins, Lee Bennett, Fehla... ISBN: 9780821504604 List Price: $76.50
Mother Goose Around the World by Hopkins, Lee Bennett, Fehla... ISBN: 9780821504901 List Price: $76.50
Rumble Meets Sylvia and Sally Swan by Law, Felicia, Pak, Yoon-Mi ISBN: 9781404815414 List Price: $19.93
Flora McQuack by Dolan, Penny, Widdowson, Kay ISBN: 9781404805613 List Price: $19.93
5 Little Ducks: Little Book by Harcourt School Publishers ... ISBN: 9780153144981 List Price: $12.10
Quack! The Sound of Q by Klingel, Cynthia Fitterer, ... ISBN: 9781567667240 List Price: $22.79
Lazy Duck Grade K: Rigby Sails Emergent, Leveled Reader 6pk by Windsor, Jo, Webb, Philip ISBN: 9780757831751 List Price: $25.00
Mother Duck's Walk (On Our Way English) by Unknown ISBN: 9780757815096 List Price: $29.95
Lazy Duck by Windsor, Jo, Webb, Philip ISBN: 9780763569891 List Price: $27.00
How the Geese Saved Rome : Individual Title Six-Packs by Unknown ISBN: 9780763598013 List Price: $32.00
Ten Little Ducks and Other Stories : Individual Title Six-Pack by Unknown ISBN: 9780763597986 List Price: $48.00
Screech! : Individual Title Six-Packs by Unknown ISBN: 9780763501099 List Price: $28.00
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