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Throughout the ages, mankind has been curious as to the characters that entered the world before them and the events that have shaped the known world. It appears that there is never a dull time in history as proven by the numerous History textbooks that chronicle the discovery of fire, development of the wheel, Flight of the Condor, creation of the first humungous mainframe computer, launch of Facebook, and gift of online resources that allow you to buy used textbooks at unbelievable prices. We'll help you find the right history book and provide you the cheapest textbooks possible! Whether you need History textbooks surrounding America, Europe, Asia, or the World in general, we have a solution for you. Search our extensive database to find cheap textbooks via author, title or ISBN. For best results, search by ISBN to assure that you show up at class with the correct book edition. Once you are ready to checkout, you'll be thrilled to find out how much money you'll be saving. Recent history has proven that money saved can set you free, so enjoy!!

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Parish Institutions of Maryland by Ingle, Edward ISBN: 9780598912091 List Price: $30.00
Chivalry by Gautier, Leon, Frith, Henry ISBN: 9780598981622 List Price: $167.10
Gazetteer of the State of New York by French, J. H. ISBN: 9780608363783 List Price: $200.00
Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy by Burckhardt, Jacob, Middlemo... ISBN: 9780608382418 List Price: $127.80
Tradition and Modern Japan Bh by O'Neill ISBN: 9780774801683 List Price: $29.95
Kabinett Ehard II : 20. September 1947 Bis 18. Dezember 1950 by Gelberg, Karl-Ulrich ISBN: 9783486575668
Kabinett Ehard II : 20. September 1947 Bis 18. Dezember 1950 by Gelberg, Karl-Ulrich ISBN: 9783486566567
Ancient Charters, Royal and Private, Prior to A.D. 1200 by Round, John H. ISBN: 9780811505734 List Price: $25.00
Dependent Ally : Betrayal of Native German Foreign Policy, 1949-1990 by Stadelmann, Marcus A. ISBN: 9781880921494 List Price: $44.95
Nixon-Ford Years, 1969-76 by Unknown ISBN: 9780871960559 List Price: $115.00
History of Russia by Carmichael, Joel ISBN: 9780781800662
Jacobean Commissions of Enquiry, 1608 and 1618 by McGowan, A. P. ISBN: 9780785539339
Satelliten Nach Stalins Tod by Heged�s, B. Andr�s, Wilke, ... ISBN: 9783050035413
Native Voices Vol. 1 : Sources in the Native American Past by Nicholas, Mark A. ISBN: 9780205742523
Kultur, Bildung und Wissenschaft Im 20. Jahrhundert by Kroll, Frank-Lothar ISBN: 9783486550023
Schlachtfelder : Codierung Von Gewalt Im Medialen Wandel by Martus, Steffen, M�nkler, M... ISBN: 9783050035871
Staatsarchiv Danzig : Wegweiser Durch Die Best�nde Bis Zum Jahr 1945 by Biernat, Czesaw, Niedermeie... ISBN: 9783486565034
Klondike Stampede by Adney, Tappan, Coates, Ken ISBN: 9780774804899 List Price: $43.95
Memories of May 1980 : A Documentary History of the Kwangju Uprising in Korea by Chong, Sang-Yong, Yu, Si-Mi... ISBN: 9788977782037
Die Innenpolitik der DDR by Heydemann, Gunther ISBN: 9783486557701
Diary of a Pedestrian : A New York Photo Memoir by Farley, Ronnie ISBN: 9780966686500
Strukturmerkmale der Deutschen Geschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts by Doering-Manteuffel, Anselm,... ISBN: 9783486580570
Die Sozialgeschichte der DDR by Bauerk�mper, Arnd ISBN: 9783486576382
Die Entstehung des Deutschen Bundes 1813-1815 by Treichel, Eckhardt ISBN: 9783486564174
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