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Many Excellent People by Escott, Paul D. ISBN: 9780807816516 List Price: $37.50
Antebellum American Culture by Davis, David B. ISBN: 9780669014761 List Price: $26.76
After the Fact The Art of Historical Detection by Davidson, James West, Lytle... ISBN: 9780072994018 List Price: $68.20
Envisioning an English Empire Jamestown and the Making of the North Atlantic World by Appelbaum, Robert, Sweet, J... ISBN: 9780812219036 List Price: $27.50
War Within From Victorian to Modernist Thought in the South, 1919-1945 by Singal, Daniel J. ISBN: 9780807815052 List Price: $55.00
Providence by Campbell, Will D. ISBN: 9780918954848 List Price: $29.95
Women and Gender in the New South, 1865-1945 by Unknown ISBN: 9780882952659 List Price: $18.95
Old Southwest, 1795-1830 Frontiers in Conflict by Clark, Thomas D., Guice, Jo... ISBN: 9780806128368 List Price: $24.95
Three Days in the Shenandoah by Ecelbarger, Gary L. ISBN: 9780806138862 List Price: $29.95
Last Stronghold The Campaign for Fort Fisher by McCaslin, Richard B. ISBN: 9781893114319 List Price: $16.95
Louisiana History An Annotated Bibliography by Jumonville, Florence M. ISBN: 9780313282409 List Price: $143.95
Fleuer De Lys and Calumet by McWilliams, Richebourg G., ... ISBN: 9780817304140 List Price: $35.00
Greenville The History of the City and County in the South Carolina Piedmont by Huff, Archie V., Jr. ISBN: 9781570030451 List Price: $34.95
View of the Constitution of the United States With Selected Writings by Tucker, St. George, Wilson,... ISBN: 9780865972001 List Price: $20.00
Tennessee Farming, Tennessee Farmers Antebellum Agriculture in the Upper South by Winters, Donald L. ISBN: 9780870498602 List Price: $35.00
Racial Politics at the Crossroads Memphis Elects Dr. W.W. Herenton by Pohlman, Marcus D., Kirby, ... ISBN: 9780870499272 List Price: $17.00
Reminiscences of George Strother Gaines Pioneer and Statesman of Early Alabama and Mississip... by Gaines, George S., Pate, Ja... ISBN: 9780817308971 List Price: $19.95
The March from Selma to Montgomery (Lucent Library of Black History) by Uschan, Michael V. ISBN: 9781420505719 List Price: $33.45
Masters & Lords Mid-19Th-Century U.S. Planters and Prussian Junkers by Bowman, Shearer D. ISBN: 9780195052817 List Price: $125.00
Corn Raid A Story of the Jamestown Settlement by Collier, James Lincoln, McG... ISBN: 9780809206193 List Price: $12.24
South: A History by Newby, I. A. ISBN: 9780030484612 List Price: $38.95
South Through Time A History of an American Region by Boles, John B. ISBN: 9780130959140 List Price: $50.00
Southern Capitalists: The Ideological Leadership of an Elite, 1832-1885 by Shore, Laurence ISBN: 9780807817025 List Price: $37.50
Rise and Fall of the Plantation Complex Essays in Atlantic History by Curtin, Philip D., Curtin, ... ISBN: 9780521620765 List Price: $79.00
Benevolence Among Slaveholders by Bellows, Barbara L. ISBN: 9780807118337 List Price: $37.50
Highlander No Ordinary School by Glen, John M. ISBN: 9780870499289 List Price: $36.00
Howard Kester and the Struggle for Social Justice in the South, 1904-1977 by Martin, Robert F. ISBN: 9780813912943 List Price: $35.00
Alabama and the Borderlands: From Prehistory to Statehood by Clayton, Lawrence A., Badge... ISBN: 9780817302085
Tennessee History The Land, the People, and the Culture by Van West, Carroll ISBN: 9781572330009 List Price: $18.95
From Southern Wrongs to Civil Rights The Memoir of a White Civil Rights Activist by Parsons, Sara Mitchell ISBN: 9780817310264 List Price: $24.95
Politics, Society, and the Klan in Alabama, 1915-1949 by Feldman, Glenn ISBN: 9780817309848 List Price: $24.95
Model City of the New South Anniston, Alabama, 1872-1900 by Gates, Grace H. ISBN: 9780817308186 List Price: $24.95
Night Riders Defending Community in the Black Patch, 1890-1915 by Waldrep, Christopher ISBN: 9780822313939 List Price: $23.95
Focus on Florida Writing Paragraphs and Essays by Broughton, Marilyn ISBN: 9780618122929 List Price: $99.95
South as a Conscious Minority 1789-1861: A Study in Political Thought by Carpenter, Jesse T., McCard... ISBN: 9780872497313 List Price: $14.95
Tennessee by Dykeman, Wilma ISBN: 9780393055559 List Price: $14.95
Williamsburg by Alter, Judy ISBN: 9780756503000 List Price: $25.26
Plain Folk of the Old South by Owsley, Frank L., McWhiney,... ISBN: 9780807110621 List Price: $32.50
Reading Southern History Essays on Interpreters and Interpretations by Feldman, Glenn, Heidler, Da... ISBN: 9780817311025 List Price: $24.95
Democracy and State Building in Georgia 1918-2010 by F. Jones, Stephen ISBN: 9780415592383
White Society in the Antebellum South by Collins, Bruce ISBN: 9780582491946 List Price: $18.95
Old Alabama Town An Illustrated Guide by Neeley, Mary Ann, Landmarks... ISBN: 9780817311797 List Price: $18.95
Old Tannehill: A History of the Pioneer Ironworks in Roupes Valley (ALA.), 1829-1865 by Bennett, James R., Doss, Ch... ISBN: 9780961725709 List Price: $7.95
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