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How much do you know about the Renaissance? Most of us have heard about this period in history and are familiar with the name, but it rarely goes much further than that. The good news is you can learn much more about this time in history thanks to our policy of selling and renting the cheapest text books on this and many other fascinating topics. Buy cheap Renaissance textbooks from our website today and you'll be able to keep more cash in your pocket instead of wasting it on full priced copies of the books you need. Discounted prices are easy to find here and they can help you get the best books in a short period of time too. Our delivery service is exceptional and you'll find our site so easy to use. You can also sell your Renaissance books back later if you no longer need to keep them.

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Long Fifteenth Century Essays for Douglas Gray by Cooper, Helen, Mapstone, Sally ISBN: 9780198183655 List Price: $150.00
Theodore de Beze : Correspondance. Tome XXXI 1590 by Dufour, A., Genton, Herve, ... ISBN: 9782600012775
Antike Weisheit und Kulturelle Praxis : Hermetismus in der Frühen Neuzeit by Trepp, Anne-Charlott, Lehma... ISBN: 9783525353745
Urban History 19: 1 by Unknown ISBN: 9780521429894
Fifteenth Century: The Prospect of Europe by Aston, Margaret ISBN: 9780155273559 List Price: $6.95
Culture of Renaissance Humanism by Bouwsma, William J. ISBN: 9780872290136 List Price: $1.50
Renaissance Europe: Age of Recovery and Reconciliation by Jensen, De Lamar ISBN: 9780669517224 List Price: $23.33
Illustrations of Medieval and Renaissance Culture by Brumble, H. David ISBN: 9781932780017 List Price: $28.95
Correspondance de Théodore de Bèze by Bèze, Théodore de, Aubert, ... ISBN: 9782600013307
On Renaissance Commentaries by Pade, Marianne ISBN: 9783487129556
Renaissance Humanism : Foundations, Forms and Legacy by Rabil, Albert, Jr. ISBN: 9780812214000 List Price: $89.95
British Atlantic Empire and Economic Change : 1607-1775 by Zahedieh, Nuala ISBN: 9780521643344
British Atlantic Empire and Economic Change : 1607-1775 by Zahedieh, Nuala ISBN: 9780521644136
Events That Formed the Modern World : From the European Renaissance to the War on Terror by ABC-CLIO Inc. Staff, Inc, F... ISBN: 9781598849011 List Price: $504.00
Canzoniere of Fransesco Petrarco : Multilingual Books Literature by Falyhera, Maurizio, Giocome... ISBN: 9781582141022 List Price: $19.95
Renaissance in National Context - Roy Porter - Hardcover by Porter, Roy, Teich, Mikulas ISBN: 9780521361811 List Price: $62.99
Proto-Industrialization in Europe (Continuity and Change) by Ogilvie, Sheilagh ISBN: 9780521457989 List Price: $23.99
Indian Summer by Tandan, Banmali ISBN: 9780521361644
La Renaissance Dcentre (Travaux d'Humanisme et Renaissance) (French Edition) by Tinguely, Frédéric ISBN: 9782600012164 List Price: $85.00
Northern European Renaissance by Holmes McDougall Editorial ... ISBN: 9780715721667
Tendencies in Renaissance Literary Theory by Willey, Basil ISBN: 9780598941787 List Price: $30.00
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