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Modern history might sound like a contradiction in terms, but in fact you'll find textbooks relating to various periods in time that occurred not so long ago. We've split this section into centuries ranging from the 16th century to the 21st century, so you can buy used modern textbooks to help you learn about your chosen century. You can learn about Contemporary World History or read Worlds Together, Worlds Apart - there are so many options here you'll probably want to rent cheap modern textbooks several times over to make sure you learn every part of the most recent period in our history. See how much you could save by investing in college text books at hugely reduced prices compared to the usual list prices. Don't be left out and wonder why other college students are making their budgets go way further than you. They've discovered the secret of our marketplace - will you make the most of it too?

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Stepping Back Nuclear Arms Control and the End of the Cold War by Vogele, William B. ISBN: 9780275946449 List Price: $87.95
Re-Viewing the Cold War Domestic Factors and Foreign Policy in the East-West Confrontation by Morgan, Patrick M., Nelson,... ISBN: 9780275966379 List Price: $35.00
Cold War Culture Media and the Arts, 1945-1990 by Schwartz, Richard A. ISBN: 9780816042647 List Price: $24.95
First Cold War The Legacy of Woodrow Wilson in U.S.-Soviet Relations by Davis, Donald E., Trani, Eu... ISBN: 9780826213884 List Price: $42.50
The Industrial Revolution (Research It!) by Morris, Neil, Miller, Adam ISBN: 9781432934972 List Price: $32.86
Caging the Bear: Containment and the Cold War by Gati, Charles ISBN: 9780672613517
Social Histories of Disability And Deformity Bodies, Images And Experiences by Stagg, Kevin, Turner, David M. ISBN: 9780415360982 List Price: $120.00
Cold War A History in Documents by Winkler, Allan M. ISBN: 9780195123562 List Price: $39.95
Birth of Industrial Britain Social Change, 1750-1850 by Morgan, Kenneth ISBN: 9780582302709 List Price: $26.00
Science Cold War and the American State by Needell, Allan ISBN: 9789057026225 List Price: $69.95
Cold War Strategist Stuart Symington and the Search for National Security by McFarland, Linda ISBN: 9780275971908 List Price: $96.95
Cold War in Europe by Maier, Charles S. ISBN: 9781558760349 List Price: $18.95
Cold War As Rhetoric The Beginnings, 1945-1950 by Hinds, Lynn B., Windt, Theo... ISBN: 9780275935788 List Price: $96.95
American-Soviet Trade in the Cold War - Philip J. Funigiello - Hardcover by Funigiello, Philip J. ISBN: 9780807817841 List Price: $37.50
Transnational Anti-Communism and the Cold War : Agents, Activities, and Networks by van Dongen, Luc, Roulin, St... ISBN: 9781137388797
Real World Order Zones of Peace, Zones of Turmoil by Singer, Max, Wildavsky, Aaron ISBN: 9780934540988 List Price: $25.00
Enlightenment World by Fitzpatrick, Martin, Jones,... ISBN: 9780415215756 List Price: $250.00
Rise of the Public in Enlightenment Europe by Melton, James Van Horn ISBN: 9780521465731 List Price: $89.00
Cold War: Past and Present by Crockatt, Richard, Smith, S... ISBN: 9780043271025 List Price: $22.50
Logic of Unity The Discovery of Zero and Emptiness in Prajnaparamita Thought by Matsuo, Hosaku, Inada, Kenn... ISBN: 9780887063916 List Price: $23.50
Historical Dictionary of the 1960s by Olson, James S. ISBN: 9780313292712 List Price: $131.95
History of the Modern World by Colton, Joel ISBN: 9780070485655 List Price: $35.65
Human Nature, Cultural Diversity, and the French Enlightenment by Vyverberg, Henry ISBN: 9780195058642 List Price: $110.00
Industrial Revolution by Connolly, Sean ISBN: 9781403409744 List Price: $32.86
John Foster Dulles and the Diplomacy of the Cold War by Immerman, Richard H. ISBN: 9780691006222 List Price: $29.95
Dumbarton Oaks: The Origins of the United Nations and the Search for Postwar Security by Hilderbrand, Robert C. ISBN: 9780807818947 List Price: $65.00
America and the Cold War, 1941-1991 [2 volumes]: A Realist Interpretation (Praeger Security ... by Graebner, Norman A., Burns,... ISBN: 9780313385254 List Price: $124.95
Borderline Japan: Foreigners and Frontier Controls in the Postwar Era by Morris-Suzuki, Tessa ISBN: 9780521864602 List Price: $95.00
The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers: The Human Rights Years, 1945-1948 by Roosevelt, Eleanor, Black, ... ISBN: 9780813929248 List Price: $99.50
Internment in Concentration Camps and Its Consequences by Matussek, P., Jordan, D. ISBN: 9780387071237 List Price: $21.00
Industrial Revolution by Wyatt, Lee T. ISBN: 9780313337697
War Plans And Alliances in the Cold War Threat Perceptions in the East And West by Mastny, Vojtech, Wenger, An... ISBN: 9780415390613 List Price: $125.00
Arms Control and the New Middle East Security Environment by Feldman, Shai, Levite, Ariel ISBN: 9780813322216 List Price: $47.00
Beyond Eurocentrism A New View of Modern World History by Gran, Peter ISBN: 9780815626930 List Price: $19.95
Source Readings Late 18th Century by Allanbrook, Wye J., Treitle... ISBN: 9780393966985 List Price: $29.85
World in the Twentieth Century by Black, Jeremy ISBN: 9780582472846 List Price: $21.95
United Nations since 1945 by Macqueen, Norrie ISBN: 9780582356733 List Price: $15.00
Cold War in Europe Era of a Divided Continent by Maier, Charles S. ISBN: 9781558761339 List Price: $32.95
Defending America Military Culture And The Cold War Court-Martial by Hillman, Elizabeth Lutes ISBN: 9780691118048 List Price: $29.95
World of Hope, a World of Fear Henry A. Wallace, Reinhold Niebuhr, and American Liberalism by Kleinman, Mark L. ISBN: 9780814208441 List Price: $57.95
History of Us:sourcebook+idex,book 11 by Mintz, Steven ISBN: 9780195127713 List Price: $19.95
On Every Front by Paterson, Thomas G. ISBN: 9780393012385 List Price: $7.95
Social Change in the Age of Enlightenment Edinburgh, 1660-1760 by Houston, Rab A. ISBN: 9780198204381 List Price: $155.00
Survival in the Organization Gunnar Hjelholt Looks Back at the Concentration Camp from an Or... by Madsen, Benedicte, Willert,... ISBN: 9788772885391 List Price: $9.95
Re-Viewing the Cold War Domestic Factors and Foreign Policy in the East-West Confrontation by Morgan, Patrick M., Nelson,... ISBN: 9780275966362 List Price: $119.95
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