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History is a huge subject to study at college, which is why we've got several sections on our website devoted to it. This is the section that allows you to buy cheap military textbooks on such subjects as nuclear warfare, naval warfare and aviation. We also have separate sections for the Afghan War, the Iraq War and the Korean War, making it easier to find exactly what you need. Pre-owned and affordable titles including Interpretation, World War II: A Short History and Long Fuse: An Interpretation of the Origins of World War I. You can also rent used military textbooks in order to expand your collection of text books even further. If you have any to sell, you can sell back specific books using our buyback service. Get in touch today to find out more. In any event, it is easy to buy cheap military textbooks to help your history studies at college.

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Iraq Wars and America's Military Revolution by Shimko, Keith L. ISBN: 9780521128841 List Price: $27.99
The Steps to War by Senese, P. D., Rutherford, ... ISBN: 9780691138923 List Price: $26.95
Watching Babylon The War In Iraq And Global Visual Culture by Mirzoeff, Nicholas ISBN: 9780415343091 List Price: $100.00
Medical Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction by Currance, Phillip L. ISBN: 9780323023313 List Price: $49.95
Kamikaze Japan's Suicide Gods by Axell, Albert ISBN: 9780582772328 List Price: $35.95
Americans and Asymmetric Conflict Lebanon, Somalia, and Afghanistan by Lowther, Adam B., Snow, Don... ISBN: 9780275996352 List Price: $75.00
Serving America's Veterans: A Reference Handbook (Contemporary Military, Strategic, and Secu... by Bergmann, Max, Duggan, Sean... ISBN: 9780313355264 List Price: $55.00
War In Iraq The War In Iraq by Downing, David ISBN: 9781403453235 List Price: $32.86
War and Moral Dissonance by French, Peter ISBN: 9781107000483 List Price: $90.00
Military Aircraft, 1919-1945 An Illustrated History Of Their Impact by Murphy, Justin D., Mangrum,... ISBN: 9781851094981 List Price: $85.00
Korean War Handbook of the Literature and Research by Brune, Lester H. ISBN: 9780313289699 List Price: $109.95
Daily Lives of Civilians in Wartime Early America From the Colonial Era to the Civil War by Heidler, David S., Heidler,... ISBN: 9780313335266 List Price: $65.00
Russian Version of the Second World War by Lyons, Graham ISBN: 9780871961365 List Price: $22.95
Illusion of Peace by Marks, Sally ISBN: 9780312406356 List Price: $22.95
History of U. S. Nuclear Testing and Its Influence on Nuclear Thought, 1945-1963 by Blades, David M., Siracusa,... ISBN: 9781442232006 List Price: $80.00
Man,the State+war by Waltz, Kenneth N. ISBN: 9780231085649 List Price: $20.50
Encyclopedia Of World War I A Political, Social, And Military History by Tucker, Spencer C., Eisenho... ISBN: 9781851094202 List Price: $485.00
Modern Warfare A French View of Counterinsurgency by Trinquier, Roger, Lee, Dani... ISBN: 9780275992682 List Price: $29.95
Europe, 1890-1945 Crisis and Conflict by Winks, Robin W., Adams, R. ... ISBN: 9780195154498 List Price: $79.95
Strategic Intelligence for American National Security by Berkowitz, Bruce D., Goodma... ISBN: 9780691023397 List Price: $29.95
Treading Softly U.S. Marines in China, 1819-1949 by Clark, George B. ISBN: 9780275970789 List Price: $109.95
Encyclopedia of Media and Propaganda in Wartime America by Manning, Martin J., Wyatt, ... ISBN: 9781598842272 List Price: $180.00
What Did the Internment of Japanese Americans Mean? by Murray, Alice Yang, Daniels... ISBN: 9780312208295 List Price: $18.50
On War by Von Clausewitz, Carl, Howar... ISBN: 9780691056579 List Price: $95.00
War Stories: The Causes and Consequences of Public Views of War by Baum, Matthew, Groeling, Ti... ISBN: 9780691138596 List Price: $26.95
United States and the First World War, Seminar Studies in History by Keene, Jennifer D. ISBN: 9780582356207 List Price: $21.00
Hitler, Chamberlain and Appeasement by McDonough, Frank, Brown, Ri... ISBN: 9780521000482 List Price: $15.99
Military Persuasion in War and Policy The Power of Soft by Cimbala, Stephen J. ISBN: 9780275978037 List Price: $95.00
Century of Media, a Century of War by Andersen, Robin ISBN: 9780820478937 List Price: $32.95
How Wars End by Reiter, Dan ISBN: 9780691140605 List Price: $26.95
Hybrid Warfare : Fighting Complex Opponents from the Ancient World to the Present by Murray, Williamson, Mansoor... ISBN: 9781107643338 List Price: $29.99
War of Peoples 1914-1919 by Gregory, Adrian ISBN: 9780199542581 List Price: $29.95
First World War Peace Settlements, 1919-1925 by Goldstein, Erik ISBN: 9780582311459 List Price: $24.00
Making Sense of War The 2nd World War and the Fate of the by Weiner, Amir ISBN: 9780691095431 List Price: $37.00
Haunted by Combat Understanding Ptsd in War Veterans Including Women, Reservists, and Those ... by Paulson, Daryl S., Krippner... ISBN: 9780275991876 List Price: $44.95
European Culture in the Great War The Arts, Entertainment, and Propaganda, 1914-1918 by Roshwald, Aviel, Stites, Ri... ISBN: 9780521013246 List Price: $43.00
Long Range Bombers The B-1B Lancers by Green, Michael, Green, Gladys ISBN: 9780736815086 List Price: $23.93
Kikuchi Diary Chronicle from an American Concentration Camp The Tanforan Journals of Charle... by Kikuchi, Charles, Modell, John ISBN: 9780252062834 List Price: $20.00
Returning Wars' Wounded, Injured, and Ill: A Reference Handbook (Contemporary Military, Stra... by Ainspan, Nathan D., Ainspan... ISBN: 9780313347290 List Price: $61.00
National Security for a New Era Globalization and Geopolitics by Snow, Donald M. ISBN: 9780321088819 List Price: $51.00
Seeing Through the Media The Persian Gulf War by Jeffords, Susan, Rabinovitz... ISBN: 9780813520421 List Price: $24.95
America's Longest War The United States and Vietnam, 1950-1975 by Herring, George C. ISBN: 9780070283930 List Price: $29.38
America As a Military Power From the American Revolution to the Civil War by Black, Jeremy ISBN: 9780275977061 List Price: $33.95
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