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U.S. Military Logistics, 1607-1991 A Research Guide by Shrader, Charles R. ISBN: 9780313272462 List Price: $105.00
U.S. Air Force Special Forces :Pararescue Pararescue by Covert, Kim ISBN: 9780736803359 List Price: $23.93
War of 1812 by Heidler, David Stephen, Hei... ISBN: 9780313316876 List Price: $49.95
Reagan Defense Program An Interim Assessment by Cimbala, Stephen J. ISBN: 9780842022439 List Price: $45.00
All-Americans at War The 82nd Division in the Great War, 1917-1918 by Cooke, James J. ISBN: 9780275957407 List Price: $101.95
Privilege vs. Equality: Civil-Military Relations in the Jacksonian Era, 1815-1845 (In War an... by Wettemann, Robert P. ISBN: 9780275986032 List Price: $44.95
Changing Aircraft Carrier Procurement Schedules: Effects That a Five-Year Procurement Cycle ... by Schank, John F., Kallimani,... ISBN: 9780833051455 List Price: $27.00
Us-Japan-North Korean Security Relations by DiFilippo, Anthony ISBN: 9780415782975
Assessing the Performance of Military Treatment Facilities by Nicosa, Nancy, Wynn, Barbar... ISBN: 9780833047779
Wars and Military by Campbell, Ballard C. ISBN: 9780816077274 List Price: $55.00
Assessing Security Cooperation As a Preventive Tool by McNerney, Michael J., O'Mah... ISBN: 9780833081469
Dynamics of Coercion American Foreign Policy and the Limits of Military Might by Byman, Daniel L., Waxman, M... ISBN: 9780521809917 List Price: $95.00
Shaping U.S. Military Forces Revolution or Relevance in a Post-cold War World by Worley, D. Robert ISBN: 9780275990312 List Price: $49.95
Chewing Gum, Candy Bars, and Beer: The Army Px in World War II by Cooke, James J. ISBN: 9780826218674 List Price: $39.95
Post-cold War by Bourque, S. A. ISBN: 9780313332906 List Price: $65.00
Career Opportunities in the Armed Forces by Dolphin, Jack, Fehl, Pamela... ISBN: 9780816068302 List Price: $49.50
Gi Ingenuity Improvisation, Technology And Winning World War II by Carafano, James J. ISBN: 9780275986988 List Price: $44.95
Reference Guide to the U. S. Military, 1607-1815 - Charles R. Schrader - Hardcover by Schrader, Charles R. ISBN: 9780816018369 List Price: $60.00
Economics of Defense in the Nuclear Age by Hitch, Charles J., McKean, ... ISBN: 9780689700941 List Price: $7.95
Brownsville Raid by Weaver, John D. ISBN: 9780393006957
In Defense of the Republic by Browning, Robert S., 3rd, S... ISBN: 9780534146108 List Price: $29.95
American Military History A Guide to Reference and Information Sources by Blewett, Daniel K., Wynar, ... ISBN: 9781563080357 List Price: $54.00
The United States Marine Corps: A Chronology, 1775 to the Present by Fredriksen, John C. ISBN: 9781598845426 List Price: $85.00
Story of Black Military Officers, 1861-1948 by Salter, Krewasky ISBN: 9780415716314
IRA Hayes: Pima Marine - Albert Hemingway - Hardcover by Hemingway, Albert ISBN: 9780819171702
Military Life The Psychology of Serving in Peace And Combat by Castro, Carl Andrew, Britt,... ISBN: 9780275983000 List Price: $300.00
U. S. Naval Railway Batteries in France by Metcalf, Joseph, 3rd, Spect... ISBN: 9780788123061 List Price: $25.00
U.S. National Security A Reference Handbook by Watson, Cynthia A. ISBN: 9781576075982 List Price: $45.00
Marines & Helicopters, 1962-1973 by Fails, William R. ISBN: 9780788118180 List Price: $45.00
Natives and Exotics: World War II and Environment in the Southern Pacific by Bennett, J. ISBN: 9780824833503 List Price: $30.00
Eagle+sword by Kohn, Richard H. ISBN: 9780029183502 List Price: $18.95
Tailhook 91 Events At The 35th Annual Tailhook Symposium by Unknown ISBN: 9780788101175 List Price: $40.00
Shield and Sword The United States Navy and the Persian Gulf War by Marolda, Edward J. ISBN: 9781931641289 List Price: $34.95
Alternative Conventional Defense Postures in the European Theater The Miltary Balance and Do... by Baruch, Kennedy, Robert F.,... ISBN: 9780844815985 List Price: $69.95
Alternative Fuels for Military Applications by Bartis, James T., Van Bibbe... ISBN: 9780833050007 List Price: $21.00
United States Army Logistics: From the American Revolution to 9/11 (PSI Reports) by Waddell, Steve R. ISBN: 9780313354557 List Price: $49.95
USMC Reconnaissance Battalions by Orr, Tamra B. ISBN: 9781615135615 List Price: $58.50
Small Arms 1856 Reports of Experiments for the Military Services by Officers of the U. S. Army ... ISBN: 9780939631018 List Price: $14.95
When Reason Fails Portraits of Armies at War America, Britain, Israel, and the Future by Goodspeed, Michael ISBN: 9780275973780 List Price: $89.95
The Cold War U.S. Army by Trauschweizer, Ingo ISBN: 9780700615780
U Boat Commanders Handbook by High Command of German Navy... ISBN: 9780939631216 List Price: $8.95
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