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The military varies in different ways according to the country it is based in. We all have different views on the military and this relates on a country level as well as a personal one. Here you have the chance to buy Canada textbooks online that reveal more about this particular part of the world. Watch out for titles including Leading from the Front: The War Memoirs of Harry Pope; Security, Strategy and the Global Economics of Defense Production; No Life Like It: Military Wives in Canada; and NCR Canada's Defense Perspectives on Policy in the Twentieth Century. We can provide you with the chance to sell back books you don't need too, thanks to our buyback system. We buy back Canada books on the military whenever we can, so we are able to add them to this part of our website. Take full advantage of our website today for the best deals.

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Two-Edged Sword : The Navy As an Instrument of Canadian Foreign Policy by Tracy, Nicholas ISBN: 9780773540521 List Price: $39.95
Security And Defence in the Terrorist Era Canada And North America by Sloan, Elinor C. ISBN: 9780773529731 List Price: $75.00
No Life like It: Military Wives in Canada by Harrison, Deborah, Lalibert... ISBN: 9781550284461
Duffle Bag, Close Friends and Lots of Memories, A: The Photo Diary of Marion Swinton, WRCNS by Swinton, Marion, Fowler, Mi... ISBN: 9780978344184 List Price: $12.95
Juno Beach Canadian 3rd Infantry Division, July 1944 by Saunders, Tim ISBN: 9780773527928 List Price: $27.95
Its Really Quite Safe by Rotherham, G. A. ISBN: 9780920497074 List Price: $24.95
Canada Without Armed Forces? by Bland, Douglas L., Queen's ... ISBN: 9781553390374 List Price: $95.00
The Report of the Officer Development Board: Maj-Gen Roger Rowley and the Education of the C... by Wakelam, Randall, Wakelam, ... ISBN: 9780978344191 List Price: $49.95
Concept de Liberté au Canada À l'Époque des Révolutions Atlantiques (1776-1838) by Ducharme, Michel ISBN: 9780773536142 List Price: $95.00
NCR Canada's Defense Perspectives on Policy in the Twentieth Century by Hunt, B. D. ISBN: 9780773052581 List Price: $29.95
Canadian Military History Selected Readings by Milner, Marc ISBN: 9780773052574 List Price: $29.95
Canadian Security Guide Book : A Report of the Standing Senate Committee on National Securit... by Kenny, Colin, Forrestall, J... ISBN: 9780756747558 List Price: $45.00
Growing up and Going to War : 1925-1945 by Tansley, Donald D., Laurier... ISBN: 9780968875094
Security and Defence in the Terrorist Era - Canada and the United States Homeland by Sloan, Elinor C. ISBN: 9780773536791 List Price: $95.00
1st Canadian Radar Battery 1944-45 by Copp, Terry ISBN: 9781926804057
Byng of Vimy: General and Governor-General by Williams, Jeffery ISBN: 9780850523003 List Price: $24.95
Canadian War of 1812 by Lucas, Charles Prestwood ISBN: 9780598637062 List Price: $111.00
Dictionary of Canadian Military History by Bercuson, David, Granatstei... ISBN: 9780195411072 List Price: $16.95
Nation at War, 1939-1945, A: Essays from Legion Magazine by Copp, Terry, Laurier Centre... ISBN: 9780968875056
The Lincs: A History of the Lincoln and Welland Regiment at War by Hayes, Geoffrey, Laurier Ce... ISBN: 9780978344115
Military Uniforms in Canada, 1665-1970 - Jack L. Summers - Hardcover by Summers, Jack L., Chartrand... ISBN: 9780660103464
Fonction De General Et L'art De L'amiraute by Horn, Bernd, Harris, Stephen ISBN: 9781550023671 List Price: $17.99
Security to the North Canadian-U.S. Defense Relations in the 1990s by Jockel, Joseph T. ISBN: 9780870132933 List Price: $26.00
Canada Without Armed Forces? by Bland, Douglas L., Queen's ... ISBN: 9781553390367 List Price: $29.95
Ethics and Canadian Defence Policy Proceedings of a Conference by Jones, David R. ISBN: 9781568064147 List Price: $25.00
Canadian Defence Industry in the New Global Environment by Edgar, Alistair D., Haglund... ISBN: 9780773512733 List Price: $32.95
Naval Service of Canada 1910-2010 : The Centennial Story by Gimblett, Richard H. ISBN: 9781525265785 List Price: $41.99
Tide of War : The 1814 Invasions of Upper Canada by Feltoe, Richard ISBN: 9781525265884 List Price: $24.99
Leading from the Front: The War Memoirs of Harry Pope by Pope, W. H., Laurier Centre... ISBN: 9780968875025 List Price: $19.95
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