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Valore Books is proud to provide a great selection of history books on all manner of different peoples and parts of the world. Now you have an opportunity to buy cheap Jewish textbooks that reveal much about the history of these people. Look out for a wide range of books including Ancient Israel; Autobiography of a Seventeenth Century Venetian Rabbi: Leon Modena's Life of Judah; Jews, Germans and Allies: Close Encounters in Occupied Germany; and Inquisitorial Inquiries: Brief Lives of Secret Jews and Other Heretics. We have many other affordable books to consider as well, since we buy back Jewish books whenever we have the chance to do so. This helps us expand our collection and it helps you get the cheapest deals on pre-owned text books. Whatever books you may be searching for, history lessons can be made easier when you buy used Jewish textbooks from us here now.

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Jewish Immigrants by Worth, Richard, Asher, Robert ISBN: 9780816056842 List Price: $35.00
The Benderly Boys and American Jewish Education (Brandeis Series in American Jewish History,... by Krasner, Jonathan B. ISBN: 9781584659662 List Price: $95.00
Final Solution by Aly, Gotz ISBN: 9780340677582 List Price: $25.00
Marxists and the Jewish Question The History of a Debate by Traverso, Enzo, Gibbons, Be... ISBN: 9780391038134 List Price: $18.50
History of Anti-Semitism From the Time of Christ to the Court Jews. by Poliakov, Leon, Howard, Ric... ISBN: 9780812237665 List Price: $65.00
Canada's Jews A Social and Economic Study of Jews in Canada in the 1930s by Rosenberg, Louis, Weinfeld,... ISBN: 9780773509979 List Price: $95.00
Jewish Museum of Australia by Jewish Museum of Australia ISBN: 9781875670444 List Price: $50.00
Jewish Culture and Identity in the Soviet Union - Yaacov Ro'i - Hardcover by Ro'i, Yaacov, Beker, Avi, G... ISBN: 9780814774083 List Price: $45.00
Allrightniks Row Haunch Paunch and Jowl The Making of a Professional Jew by Ornitz, Samuel, Miller, Gab... ISBN: 9780910129497 List Price: $18.95
Jewish Presence in Latin America by Elkin, Judith L., Merkx, Gi... ISBN: 9780813312774 List Price: $52.00
Routledge Atlas of Jewish History by Gilbert, Martin ISBN: 9780460861816 List Price: $39.95
Israeli Identity In Transition by Shapira, Anita ISBN: 9780275976606 List Price: $99.95
Hope Fulfilled The Rise of Modern Israel by Stein, Leslie ISBN: 9780275978150 List Price: $33.95
History of Anti-Semitism From Voltaire to Wagner by Poliakov, Leon ISBN: 9780812218657 List Price: $27.50
Enthymion : Apo Te Zoe Tes Hevra�kes Koinotetas, Thessalonike, 1897-1917 by Megas, Giannes, Vasilikos, ... ISBN: 9789607254023
Last Jews of Cochin by Katz, Nathan, Goldberg, Ell... ISBN: 9780872498471 List Price: $39.95
Maintaining Consensus: The Canadian Jewish Polity in the Postwar World by Elazar, Daniel J., Waller, ... ISBN: 9780819176103 List Price: $61.00
Jewish Civilization: The Jewish Historical Experience in a Comparative Perspective by Eisenstadt, Shmuel N. ISBN: 9780791410967 List Price: $26.50
Politics of Conversion Missionary Protestantism and the Jews in Prussia 1728-1941 by Clark, Christopher ISBN: 9780198204565 List Price: $145.00
Political Assassinations by Jews A Rhetorical Device for Justice by Ben-Yehuda, Nachman ISBN: 9780791411650 List Price: $74.50
Jewish Ireland in the Age of Joyce A Socioeconomic History by Ó Gráda, Cormac ISBN: 9780691127194 List Price: $35.00
Last Selection: A Child's Journey through the Holocaust by Kalib, Goldie S., Kalib, Sy... ISBN: 9780870237584 List Price: $32.50
Voices of Jacob, Hands of Esau Jews in American Life and Thought by Whitfield, Stephen J. ISBN: 9780208020246 List Price: $36.00
Storm from Paradise The Politics of Jewish Memory by Boyarin, Jonathan ISBN: 9780816620951 List Price: $15.95
Non-Jewish Zionism Its Roots in Western History by Sharif, Regina S. ISBN: 9780862321529 List Price: $9.95
Libes Briv of Isaac Wetzlar by Faierstein, Morris M., Faie... ISBN: 9780788502682 List Price: $34.95
Inquisitorial Inquiries: Brief Lives of Secret Jews and Other Heretics by Kagan, Richard L., Dyer, Ab... ISBN: 9781421403403 List Price: $60.00
Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora: Origins, Experiences, and Culture by Ehrlich, M. Avrum , Ehrlich... ISBN: 9781851098736 List Price: $295.00
Jews Of Lebanon Between Coexistence And Conflict by Schulze, Kirsten, Schulze, ... ISBN: 9781845190576 List Price: $42.50
Land and Desire in Early Zionism (Schusterman Series in Israel Studies) by Neumann, Boaz ISBN: 9781584659679 List Price: $85.00
Lest Memory Cease Finding Meaning in the American Jewish Past by Feingold, Henry L. ISBN: 9780815604006 List Price: $19.95
Zionism in an Arab Country Jews in Iraq in the 1940s by Meir-Glitzenstein, Esther ISBN: 9780714655796 List Price: $145.00
Society and Settlement Jewish Land of Israel in the Twentieth Century by Kellerman, Aharon ISBN: 9780791412954 List Price: $26.50
Holocaust in the Soviet Union Studies and Sources on the Destruction of the Jews in the Nazi... by Dobroszycki, Lucjan, Gurock... ISBN: 9781563241734 List Price: $90.95
Cultures of Opposition Jewish Immigrant Workers, New York City, 1881-1905 by Kosak, Hadassa ISBN: 9780791445846 List Price: $29.95
Antisemitism in Canada History and Interpretation by Davies, Alan T. ISBN: 9780889202214 List Price: $28.95
Nazism, the Jews, and American Zionism, 1933-1948 by Berman, Aaron ISBN: 9780814322321 List Price: $19.95
History of Anti-Semitism From Mohammed to the Marranos by Poliakov, Leon, Gerardi, Na... ISBN: 9780812237672 List Price: $65.00
History of Anti-Semitism Suicidal Europe 1870-1933 by Poliakov, Leon, Klin, George ISBN: 9780812237696 List Price: $65.00
Who's Who in Jewish History After the Period of the Old Testament by Comay, Joan, Cohn-Sherbok, ... ISBN: 9780415260305 List Price: $19.95
Invisible Enemy: Israel, Politics, Media and American Culture by Abboud, Edward ISBN: 9780967791562 List Price: $29.95
Jewish Experience: Biblical Period - Hardcover by Unknown ISBN: 9780808751335 List Price: $18.80
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