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Valore Books is proud to provide a great selection of history books on all manner of different peoples and parts of the world. Now you have an opportunity to buy cheap Jewish textbooks that reveal much about the history of these people. Look out for a wide range of books including Ancient Israel; Autobiography of a Seventeenth Century Venetian Rabbi: Leon Modena's Life of Judah; Jews, Germans and Allies: Close Encounters in Occupied Germany; and Inquisitorial Inquiries: Brief Lives of Secret Jews and Other Heretics. We have many other affordable books to consider as well, since we buy back Jewish books whenever we have the chance to do so. This helps us expand our collection and it helps you get the cheapest deals on pre-owned text books. Whatever books you may be searching for, history lessons can be made easier when you buy used Jewish textbooks from us here now.

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Ancient Israel (3rd Edition) by Shanks, Hershel ISBN: 9780205096435 List Price: $65.13
Neighbors Respond The Controversy over the Jedwabne Massacre in Poland by Polonsky, Antony, Michlic, ... ISBN: 9780691113067 List Price: $32.95
Heritage Civilization and the Jews by Hallo, William, Ruderman, D... ISBN: 9780275916084 List Price: $35.00
Literary Strategies Jewish Texts and Contexts by Mendelsohn, Ezra ISBN: 9780195112030 List Price: $120.00
Echoes from the Holocaust A Memoir by Kimmelman, Mira R. ISBN: 9780870499562 List Price: $18.95
Gentile Tales The Narrative Assault on Late Medieval Jews by Rubin, Miri ISBN: 9780812218800 List Price: $29.95
Origins of Zionism by Vital, David ISBN: 9780198274391 List Price: $50.00
Zionist Ideology by Shimoni, Gideon ISBN: 9780874518337 List Price: $35.00
Zionism A Brief History by Brenner, Michael, Frisch, S... ISBN: 9781558763012 List Price: $26.95
History of Anti-Semitism From Mohammed to the Marranos by Poliakov, Leon, Gerardi, Na... ISBN: 9780812218640 List Price: $27.50
Most Ancient of Minorities The Jews of Italy by Pugliese, Stanislao G. ISBN: 9780313318955 List Price: $115.00
Zionist Idea by Hertzberg, Arthur ISBN: 9780689700934 List Price: $17.00
Voices of Yugoslav Jewry by Gordiejew, Paul Benjamin ISBN: 9780791440223 List Price: $31.95
Jews of Egypt From Rameses II to Emperor Hadrian by Modrzejewski, Joseph M., Co... ISBN: 9780691015750 List Price: $29.95
Jews of France A History from Antiquity to the Present by Benbassa, Esther, DeBevoise... ISBN: 9780691090146 List Price: $22.95
Autobiography of a Seventeenth-Century Venetian Rabbi Leon Modena's Life of Judah by Cohen, Mark R., Rabb, Theod... ISBN: 9780691008240 List Price: $32.95
Jews of Eastern Europe 1772-1881 by Bartal, Israel, Naor, Chaya ISBN: 9780812219074 List Price: $26.50
Commemorations The Politics of National Identity by Gillis, John R. ISBN: 9780691029252 List Price: $37.50
In Search of American Jewish Culture by Whitfield, Stephen J. ISBN: 9780874517545 List Price: $40.00
Poverty and Charity in the Jewish Community of Medieval Egypt by Cohen, Mark R. ISBN: 9780691092720 List Price: $39.50
Unwelcome Strangers East European Jews in Imperial Germany by Wertheimer, Jack ISBN: 9780195065855 List Price: $60.00
Jews and the European Crisis 1914-21 by Frankel, Jonathan, Medding,... ISBN: 9780195051131 List Price: $125.00
America's Jews in Transition by Waxman, Chaim I. ISBN: 9780877223290 List Price: $31.95
Jew in the Medieval World A Source Book, 315-1791 by Marcus, Jacob R., Saperstei... ISBN: 9780878202171 List Price: $19.95
Origins of Jewish Secularization in Eighteenth-Century Europe by Feiner, Shmuel, Naor, Chaya ISBN: 9780812242737 List Price: $65.00
This Crazy Thing Called Life: Australian Jewish Autobiography by Freadman, Richard ISBN: 9780980296426
Jew in Medieval World by Marcus, Jacob R. ISBN: 9780689701337 List Price: $14.95
Culture Front by Nathans, Benjamin, Safran, ... ISBN: 9780812240559 List Price: $65.00
Victims and Neighbors: A Small Town in Nazi Germany Remembered by Henry, Frances, Brandt, Wil... ISBN: 9780897890489 List Price: $15.95
Prophets of the Past: Interpreters of Jewish History by Brenner, Michael ISBN: 9780691139289 List Price: $39.50
Sephardi Life in Southeastern Europe The Autobiography and Journal of Gabriel Arie, 1863-1939 by Benbassa, Esther, Rodrigue,... ISBN: 9780295976747 List Price: $25.00
Continuities of German History by Smith, Helmut Walser ISBN: 9780521895880 List Price: $80.00
Jewish Women in America An Historical Encyclopedia by Hyman, Paula, Moore, Debora... ISBN: 9780415919340 List Price: $275.00
Zionism and the Creation of a New Society by Halpern, Ben, Reinharz, Jehuda ISBN: 9780195092097 List Price: $85.00
Heidegger and "the Jews" by Lyotard, Jean-Francois, Mic... ISBN: 9780816618576 List Price: $20.00
History of Anti-Semitism From the Time of Christ to the Court Jews. by Poliakov, Leon, Howard, Ric... ISBN: 9780812218633 List Price: $24.95
Einstein's German World by Stern, Fritz ISBN: 9780691074580 List Price: $21.95
I Have a Story to Tell You by Berson, Seemah ISBN: 9781554582198
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