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Among all the college subjects and topics you could learn about, the Holocaust is definitely among the most emotive and controversial of them all. We have a select array of used Holocaust text books to help you navigate your way through history, and through your history course as well. You can learn about topics from ideology to annihilation and find out more about the bystanders who were there. The aftermath, stories from prisoners of the time and much more - it's all here in our incredible and emotive collection of textbooks. Buy Holocaust textbooks from us online today. Alternatively, rent them out when you need them - it's your choice. From The Diary of Anne Frank to Images from the Holocaust, A Literature Anthology, you'll be able to learn more than ever for your college history course. Don't forget we also run a buyback service if you want to sell back your books once you're finished.

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Last Selection A Child's Journey Through the Holocaust by Kalib, Goldie Szachter, Kal... ISBN: 9781558490185 List Price: $20.95
Quality of Witness: A Romanian Diary, 1937-1944 by Dorian, Emil, Dorian, Margu... ISBN: 9780827602113 List Price: $19.95
Holocaust Testimonies by Langer, Lawrence L. ISBN: 9780300049664 List Price: $35.00
Foundational Pasts : The Holocaust and Historical Understanding by Confino, Alon ISBN: 9780521516655 List Price: $85.00
Children of Job American Second-Generation Witnesses to the Holocaust by Berger, Alan L. ISBN: 9780791433584 List Price: $29.95
Holocaust Education Issues and Approaches by Totten, Samuel ISBN: 9780205309290 List Price: $27.00
Contested Memories Poles and Jews During the Holocaust and Its Aftermath by Zimmerman, Joshua D. ISBN: 9780813531588 List Price: $35.00
Victims and Perpetrators 1933 - 1945 (Re)presenting Thepast in Post-Unification Culture by Cohen-Pfister, Laurel, Wien... ISBN: 9783110189827 List Price: $98.00
Anti-Judaism in Feminist Religious Writings by Von Kellenbach, Katharina ISBN: 9780788500442 List Price: $50.00
Representing the Holocaust in Children's Literature by Kokkola, Lydia ISBN: 9780415937191 List Price: $90.95
Fritz Hirschberger: The Sur-Rational Holocaust Paintings by Feinstein, Stephen, Hirschb... ISBN: 9780971829008 List Price: $6.95
Courage to Care: Rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust - Carol Ann Rittner - Hardcover by Rittner, Carol, Myers, Sondra ISBN: 9780814773970 List Price: $45.00
Lessons and Legacies VIII: From Generation to Generation by Bergen, Doris L., Weiss, Th... ISBN: 9780810125391
Holocaust Education and the Church-Related College Restoring Ruptured Traditions by Haynes, Stephen R. ISBN: 9780313290237 List Price: $105.00
Journey to Vaja Reconstructing the World of a Hungarian-Jewish Family by Naves, Elaine K. ISBN: 9780773515345 List Price: $29.95
Versions of Survival: The Holocaust and the Human Spirit by Langer, Lawrence L. ISBN: 9780873955836 List Price: $19.50
Indelible Shadows by Insdorf, Annette, Wiesel, Elie ISBN: 9780521378109 List Price: $33.99
Stones Will Cry Out Pastoral Reflections on the Shoah by Huneke, Douglas K. ISBN: 9780313292163 List Price: $87.95
Teaching About the Holocaust Essays by College and University Teachers by Totten, Samuel, Bartrop, Pa... ISBN: 9780275982324 List Price: $62.95
Emory Studies on the Holocaust An Interfaith Inquiry by Blumenthal, David R. ISBN: 9780912313016 List Price: $5.00
Job The Story of a Holocaust Survivor by Freeman, Joseph ISBN: 9780275955861 List Price: $75.00
Dare to Survive by Friedman, C. S. ISBN: 9781560620976 List Price: $26.95
Last Jews of Radauti by Gursan-Salzmann, Ayse, Salz... ISBN: 9780385278089 List Price: $29.95
Legacy of Hatred: Why Christians Must Not Forget the Holocaust by Rausch, David A. ISBN: 9780802403414 List Price: $9.95
Hitler+the Final Solution by Fleming, Gerald, Friedlände... ISBN: 9780520051034 List Price: $27.00
Confronting Evil Two Journeys by Katz, Fred Emil ISBN: 9780791460306 List Price: $24.95
Challenging the Myth of Silence : Who Spoke about the Holocaust and When by Cesarani, David, Sundquist,... ISBN: 9780415616768
Memory Perceived Recalling the Holocaust by Kraft, Robert Nathaniel ISBN: 9780275977740 List Price: $59.95
Escape from the Nazis by Mandelkern, Benjamin ISBN: 9781550280555 List Price: $24.95
Fifty Key Thinkers in Holocaust & Genocide Studies (Routledge Key Guides) by Bartrop, Paul R., Jacobs, S... ISBN: 9780415775519 List Price: $29.95
Inside Belsen by Levy-Hass, Hanna, Taylor, R... ISBN: 9780389203018 List Price: $26.50
To Save a World by Kranzler, David, Gevirtz, E... ISBN: 9781560620884 List Price: $16.95
Contemporary Views on the Holocaust by Braham, Randolph L. ISBN: 9780898381412 List Price: $238.00
Teaching and Studying the Holocaust by Totten, Samuel, Feinberg, S... ISBN: 9780205184958 List Price: $27.99
Power, Conscience, and Opposition Essays in German History in Honour of John A. Moses by Travers, Martin, Munro, Gre... ISBN: 9780820428635 List Price: $79.95
Children and Play in the Holocaust Games Among the Shadows by Eisen, George ISBN: 9780870237089 List Price: $16.95
Making Stories,making Selves by Linden, R. Ruth ISBN: 9780814205839 List Price: $39.50
Studies of the Holocaust: Lessons in Survivorship by Greene, Roberta R. ISBN: 9780415571722 List Price: $125.00
Between Witness and Testimony The Holocaust and the Limits of Representation by Bernard-Donals, Michael, Gl... ISBN: 9780791451496 List Price: $49.50
Children of Job American Second-Generation Witnesses to the Holocaust by Berger, Alan L. ISBN: 9780791433577 List Price: $22.50
Daily Life During the Holocaust by Soumerai, Eve Nussbaum, Sch... ISBN: 9780313353086
Beyond Auschwitz Post-Holocaust Jewish Thought in America by Morgan, Michael L. ISBN: 9780195145892 List Price: $74.00
After-Words Post-Holocaust Struggles With Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Justice by Patterson, David, Roth, Joh... ISBN: 9780295983714 List Price: $35.00
Keep It Safe! by Acs, Iren, Levendel, Julia ISBN: 9781899460212 List Price: $25.00
Healing Their Wounds Psychotherapy With Holocaust Survivors and Their Families by Marcus, Paul, Rosenberg, Al... ISBN: 9780275929480 List Price: $66.95
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