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Key Concepts in Historical Geography by Strohmayer, Ulf, Morrissey,... ISBN: 9781412930444 List Price: $38.95
Historical Atlas of Empires by Nicolle, David, Farrington,... ISBN: 9780816047888 List Price: $35.00
Geography and History Bridging the Divide by Baker, Alan R. H., Baker, A... ISBN: 9780521288859 List Price: $32.99
Historical Maps on File by Martin Greenwald Associates... ISBN: 9780871967084 List Price: $165.00
Historical Atlas of the World by Palmer, Robert R. ISBN: 9780528830815 List Price: $10.00
'prentice Hall Atlas Of World History by Prentice Hall International... ISBN: 9780131539013 List Price: $21.80
Geography and History Bridging the Divide by Baker, Alan R. H., Baker, A... ISBN: 9780521246835 List Price: $95.00
Historical Analysis in Geography by Norton, William ISBN: 9780582301047 List Price: $16.95
Global Past Workbook & Map by Newman, Mark, Fields, Lanny... ISBN: 9780312182403 List Price: $4.30
Geminos's Introduction to the Phenomena A Translation and Study of a Hellenistic Manual of A... by Evans, James, Berggren, J. ... ISBN: 9780691123394 List Price: $49.50
Historical Maps on File Ringbound by Facts on File, Inc. Staff ISBN: 9780816046003 List Price: $330.00
Die Geographie Des Alteren Plinius in Ihrem Verhaltnis Zu Varro: Versuch Einer Quellenanalys... by Sallmann, Klaus Günther ISBN: 9783110018387 List Price: $165.00
Historical Atlas of Central America by Hall, Carolyn, Brignoli, He... ISBN: 9780806130378 List Price: $99.95
Chorographie by Mela, Pomponius, Silberman, A. ISBN: 9782251013442
Routledge Atlas of Classical History From 1700 Bc to Ad 565 by Grant, Michael ISBN: 9780415119351 List Price: $36.95
Historical Geography Progress and Prospect by Pacione, Michael ISBN: 9780709940463 List Price: $69.95
Aspects of Historical Geography of Pragjyotisa Kamrupa Ancient Assam by Sarkar, Ichhimuddin ISBN: 9788185421018 List Price: $48.00
Islands and Maritime Boundaries of the Gulf, 1798-1960 by Schofield, R. N., Toye, P. L. ISBN: 9781852072759
Ancient History by Facts on File, Inc. Staff ISBN: 9780816013340 List Price: $40.00
Historical Geography Through the Gates of Space And Time by Butlin, Robin ISBN: 9780340489697 List Price: $83.00
Modern Historical Geographies by Graham, Brian, Graham, Bria... ISBN: 9780582357792 List Price: $37.27
Historical Atlas Set by Unknown ISBN: 9780816058198 List Price: $175.00
Islands and Maritime Boundaries of the Gulf, 1798-1960 by Archives Research Ltd. Staff ISBN: 9780785526131
Geography, Book 6 : Middle East, Central and North Asia, China by Ptolemy, Humbach, Helmut, Z... ISBN: 9783895000614
Map Exercises to Accompany Bentley-Z, (Chapters 22-39 by Bentley, Jerry, Ziegler, He... ISBN: 9780072382266 List Price: $8.20
Map Exercises to Accompany Bentley-Z, Chapters 1-25 by Bentley, Jerry, Ziegler, He... ISBN: 9780072382259 List Price: $10.30
Western Hemisphere : Map of the New World by Paperblank Book Company Staff ISBN: 9781551560021
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