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These parts of the world have more to offer than the potential for a wonderful vacation. They are steeped in history too as you will see here. If you are studying history at college you can get off to a great start when you buy cheap Spain and Portugal textbooks. These include Espana; Muslim Spain and Portugal: A Political History of Al-Andalus; Early Modern Spain: A Documentary History; and The Independence of Spanish America. As you can see the scope here is vast so make sure you can have the best and cheapest deals by coming to us. This means you can buy more pre-owned and affordable text books instead of being limited to just a few brand new ones. We buy back Spain and Portugal books all the time, so our collection is always changing. Make the most of it today when you buy or rent used Spain and Portugal textbooks.

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Bethune in Spain by Stewart, Roderick, Majada, ... ISBN: 9780773543836 List Price: $29.95
Account, Much Abbreviated, of the Destruction of the Indies With Reated Texts by de Las Casas, Bartolome, Hu... ISBN: 9780872206250 List Price: $12.95
MEDIEVAL SPAINS by Reilly, Bernard F. ISBN: 9780521397414 List Price: $34.99
Local Religion in Sixteenth-Century Spain by Christian, William A., Jr. ISBN: 9780691008271 List Price: $37.50
Spanish Cultural Studies An Introduction The Struggle for Modernity by Graham, Helen, Labanyi, Jo ISBN: 9780198151999 List Price: $53.00
Alhambra A Cycle of Studies on 11th Century in Moorish Spain by Bargebuhr, Fredrick P. ISBN: 9783110005240 List Price: $226.80
Espanoles by Opere, Fernando, Douglass, ... ISBN: 9780131922198 List Price: $78.40
Early Modern Spain A Documentary History by Cowans, Jon ISBN: 9780812218459 List Price: $24.95
Women in the Crucible of Conquest The Gendered Genesis of Spanish American Society, 1500-1600 by Powers, Karen Vieira, Johns... ISBN: 9780826335197 List Price: $26.95
Souls in Dispute Converso Identities in Iberia and the Jewish Diaspora, 1580-1700 by Graizbord, David L. ISBN: 9780812237498 List Price: $59.95
Reconquest And Crusade In Medieval Spain by O'Callaghan, Joseph F. ISBN: 9780812218893 List Price: $29.95
Spanish History Since 1808 by Junco, Jose Alvarez, Shuber... ISBN: 9780340662298 List Price: $49.50
Modern Spain A Documentary History by Cowans, Jon ISBN: 9780812218466 List Price: $24.95
Independence of Spanish America by Rodríguez O, Jaime E., Knig... ISBN: 9780521622981 List Price: $90.00
Independence of Spanish America by Rodríguez, Jaime E., Knight... ISBN: 9780521626736 List Price: $36.99
Spain since 1812 by Ross, Christopher J. ISBN: 9780340981740 List Price: $34.95
Civilizacion Y Cultura De Espana by Cantarino, Vicente ISBN: 9780130961495 List Price: $86.80
The Indian Southwest 1580-1830 by Anderson, Gary Clayton ISBN: 9780806140674 List Price: $24.95
Spanish Society, 1400-1600 by Ruiz, Teofilo F. ISBN: 9780582286924 List Price: $53.20
Culture and Customs of Spain by Stanton, Edward F. ISBN: 9780313314636 List Price: $55.00
Handless Maiden Moriscos and the Politics of Religion in Early Modern Spain by Perry, Mary Elizabeth ISBN: 9780691130545 List Price: $23.95
Spain's First Democracy The Second Republic, 1931-1936 by Payne, Stanley G. ISBN: 9780299136741 List Price: $24.95
Social History of Modern Spain by Shubert, Adrian ISBN: 9780044454595 List Price: $22.95
Medieval Spains by Reilly, Bernard F. ISBN: 9780521394369 List Price: $100.00
The Spanish Republic and Civil War by Casanova , Juliàn ISBN: 9780521737807 List Price: $31.99
Spain, 1469-1714 A Society Of Conflict by Kamen, Henry ISBN: 9780582784642 List Price: $46.80
Exotic Nation: Maurophilia and the Construction of Early Modern Spain by Fuchs, Barbara ISBN: 9780812241358 List Price: $45.00
Espana Cultura Y Civilizacion by Vilas, Santiago ISBN: 9780132835404 List Price: $34.40
Franco's Spain by Grugel, Jean, Rees, Tim ISBN: 9780340561690 List Price: $38.00
Christians and Moors in Spain by Ubaydli, Ahmad, Melville, C... ISBN: 9780856684500 List Price: $25.00
Interpreting Spanish Colonialism Empires, Nations, And Legends by Nieto-Phillips, John M., Sc... ISBN: 9780826336736 List Price: $32.95
Medieval Iberia Readings from Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Sources by Constable, Olivia R. ISBN: 9780812215694 List Price: $34.95
Fallen Sparrows The International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War by Jackson, Michael W. ISBN: 9780871692122 List Price: $25.00
Hitler's Luftwaffe in the Spanish Civil War by Proctor, Raymond L. ISBN: 9780313222467 List Price: $106.95
Exotic Nation : Maurophilia and the Construction of Early Modern Spain by Fuchs, Barbara ISBN: 9780812221732 List Price: $22.50
Puerto Rico's Revolt for Independence El Grito De Lares by De Wagenheim, Olga Jimenez ISBN: 9781558760714 List Price: $22.95
Early Modern Spain A Documentary History by Cowans, Jon ISBN: 9780812237160 List Price: $69.95
Historical Dictionary of Modern Spain, 1700-1988 by Kern, Robert W., Dodge, Mer... ISBN: 9780313259715 List Price: $126.95
Historia Patria Politics, History, and National Identity in Spain, 1875-1975 by Boyd, Carolyn P. ISBN: 9780691026565 List Price: $95.00
Isabel the Queen Life and Times by Liss, Peggy K. ISBN: 9780812218978 List Price: $28.95
Espana Y Su Civilizacion by Ugarte, Francisco, Ugarte, ... ISBN: 9780072904130 List Price: $74.55
Bread, or Bullets! Urban Labor and Spanish Colonialism in Cuba, 1850-1898 by Casanovas, Joan ISBN: 9780822956754 List Price: $19.95
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