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We've got an impressive selection of affordable text books on everything to do with this particular country. Buy cheap Italy textbooks today and find out more than you ever thought you'd know about the country's past. Look for The Italian Wars, 1494-1559: War, State and Society in Early Modern Europe; Risorgimento and the Unification of Italy; Modern Italy; and A Short History of Renaissance Italy. There are plenty more to discover as well, meaning you can get the cheapest deals on a wide range of fascinating text books for college. You can either buy these books outright or opt to rent used Italy textbooks in some cases instead. This gives you a different set of prices to consider, so make sure you make the most of these opportunities so you can get the best deals today. With the support of Valore Books, buying text books could be cheaper than you thought.

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Necropoli Di Poseidonia-Paestum : Santa Venera (Scavo 1976) by Scafuro, Michele ISBN: 9788887744828
Collezione Magna Grecia by Museo archeologico nazional... ISBN: 9788891824035
Teatr Ciszy I Inne Woskie Pejzaze Podr�zne by Wodyka De Simone, Katarzyna ISBN: 9788378660279
Borgia Family by DeSilva, Jennifer Mara ISBN: 9780367210847
Borgia Family by DeSilva, Jennifer Mara ISBN: 9780367210854
Renaissance in Italy : A History by Bartlett, Kenneth R., Bartl... ISBN: 9781624668197
Buried City of Pompeii by Hirschmann, Kris ISBN: 9781682826294
Genius of the Romans by Howell, Izzi ISBN: 9780778765769 List Price: $27.60
Rise of the Roman Empire : The Will to Endure by Dynneson, Thomas L. ISBN: 9781433162855
Great Fire of Rome : Life and Death in the Ancient City by Walsh, Joseph J. ISBN: 9781421433707 List Price: $59.95
Great Fire of Rome : Life and Death in the Ancient City by Walsh, Joseph J. ISBN: 9781421433714 List Price: $19.95
Restaurando Pompei : Riflessioni a Margine Del Grande Progetto by Osanna, Massimo, Picone, Re... ISBN: 9788891317278
Italia e Germania Dopo la Caduta Del Muro : Politica, Cultura, Economia by Fioravanzo, Monica, Fiorava... ISBN: 9788833130972
Movimento Del '77 : Radici, Snodi, Luoghi by Galfr�, Monica, Neri Serner... ISBN: 9788833130866
Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Gibbon, Edward ISBN: 9789570851939 List Price: $100.80
Ancient Rome : An Introductory History by Zoch, Paul A. ISBN: 9780806164779
How to Be a Bad Emperor : An Ancient Guide to Truly Terrible Leaders by Suetonius, Osgood, Josiah ISBN: 9780691193991
Blood Border : Trieste Between Mussolini and Tito by Morettin, Luisa ISBN: 9781536157567
Rome Mini Map and Guide : Eyewitness Travel Guide by Travel, D. K. ISBN: 9780241397787
Ciudad Que Se Hunde by Nussbaum, Ben, Smithsonian ... ISBN: 9780743926508
People Did What in Ancient Rome? by Vallepur, Shalini ISBN: 9780778774259 List Price: $9.95
People Did What in Ancient Rome? by Vallepur, Shalini ISBN: 9780778774211 List Price: $27.60
Cassius Dio: Roman History : Books 57 and 58 (the Reign of Tiberius) by Mallan, C. T. ISBN: 9780198797890 List Price: $125.00
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