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Rent cheap Great Britain textbooks today and find out how the history of this country has developed over time. With titles such as Why England Slept, The Making of England to 1399, and Daily Life in Victorian England, there is lots of information here to be appreciated. You can read all manner of affordable and pre-owned titles when you buy used Great Britain textbooks from Valore Books. We never charge more than we have to and you can benefit from the cheapest discounted deals you will ever see. You can look back into the ancient past or explore the near past - it's up to you. With books like King James VI and I and the Reunion of Christendom, not to mention The Norman Conquest: A New Introduction, you can find the right titles to help you learn about specific periods in its history. Try your luck with Valore Books now.

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Reign of Elizabeth I Court and Culture in the Last Decade by Guy, John ISBN: 9780521443418 List Price: $116.00
Elizabeth of York : A Tudor Queen and Her World by Weir, Alison ISBN: 9780345521378
Domestic Dangers Women, Words, and Sex in Early Modern London by Gowing, Laura ISBN: 9780198207634 List Price: $74.00
Efficient Secret The Cabinet And the Development of Political Parties in Victorian England by Cox, Gary W., Calvert, Rand... ISBN: 9780521019019 List Price: $48.00
Historia Novella The Contemporary History by William of Malmesbury, King... ISBN: 9780198201922 List Price: $150.00
English Levellers by Sharp, Andrew, Sharp, Andre... ISBN: 9780521624022 List Price: $90.00
Classes and Cultures England 1918-1951 by McKibbin, Ross ISBN: 9780198208556 List Price: $45.00
Victorian Psychology and British Culture 1850-1880 by Rylance, Rick ISBN: 9780198122838 List Price: $140.00
Liberalism and Liberal Politics in Edwardian England by Bernstein, George L. ISBN: 9780049421998 List Price: $18.95
Britannia Overruled by Reynolds, David ISBN: 9780582552760 List Price: $43.50
Schism in England by Calderón de la Barca, Pedro ISBN: 9780856683329 List Price: $25.00
Enterprise and Trade in Victorian Britain by McCloskey, Donald N., Suppl... ISBN: 9780049421714 List Price: $11.95
Used Books by Sherman, William H. ISBN: 9780812240436 List Price: $45.00
The Cambridge Companion to Victorian Culture (Cambridge Companions to Culture) by O'Gorman, Francis ISBN: 9780521715065 List Price: $29.99
Anglo-French Naval Rivalry 1840-1870 by Hamilton, C. I. ISBN: 9780198202615 List Price: $65.00
Encyclopedia of the Wars of the Roses by Wagner, John A. ISBN: 9781851093588 List Price: $85.00
Oxford Hist.of British Empire,vol.ii by Marshall, P. J., Low, Alaine ISBN: 9780198205630 List Price: $99.00
True Law of Kingship Concepts of Monarchy in Early-Modern Scotland by Burns, J. H. ISBN: 9780198203841 List Price: $175.00
Medieval England, 1000-1500 A Reader by Amt, Emilie ISBN: 9781551112442 List Price: $29.95
Struggle for Sovereignty Seventeenth-Century English Political Tracts by Malcolm, Joyce Lee ISBN: 9780865971899 List Price: $20.00
Angevin Empire by Gillingham, John ISBN: 9780340741153 List Price: $45.00
Historical Dictionary of the British Empire by Olson, James S., Shadle, Ro... ISBN: 9780313293665 List Price: $210.00
The Cambridge Companion to Medieval English Literature 1150-1500 by Scanlon, Larry ISBN: 9780521602587 List Price: $29.99
Cambridge Economic History of Modern Britain Economic Maturity, 1860-1939 by Floud, Roderick, Johnson, Paul ISBN: 9780521527361 List Price: $56.00
Quaker Community on Barbados: Challenging the Culture of the Planter Class by Gragg, Larry ISBN: 9780826218476 List Price: $39.95
Domesday: A Search for the Roots of England - Michael Wood - Hardcover by Wood, Michael ISBN: 9780816018321 List Price: $24.95
Royal Childhood : Growing up in a Palace by Reynolds, Anna, Peter, Lucy ISBN: 9781909741119
Inheritance : Psychological Profiles of the Royal Family by Friedman, Dennis ISBN: 9780720615944
Fall of the British Monarchies 1637-1642 by Russell, Conrad ISBN: 9780198205883 List Price: $55.00
British Culture An Introduction by Christopher, David P. ISBN: 9780415353977 List Price: $35.95
Elizabeth I: Profiles in Power by Haigh, Christopher ISBN: 9780582005341
Britain And The Americas Culture, Politics, And History A Multidesciplinary Encyclopedia by Kaufman, Will, Macpherson, ... ISBN: 9781851094318 List Price: $270.00
State Formation in Early Modern England, C. 1550-1700 by Braddick, Michael J. ISBN: 9780521789554 List Price: $52.99
Voyage to the Other World The Legacy of Sutton Hoo by Kendall, Calvin B., Wells, ... ISBN: 9780816620241 List Price: $22.50
House of Lords at Work A Study Based on the 1988-1989 Session by Shell, Donald, Beamish, David ISBN: 9780198277620 List Price: $135.00
Nineteenth Century by Matthew, Colin ISBN: 9780198731443 List Price: $74.00
Radical Expression Political Language, Ritual, and Symbol in England, 1790-1850 by Epstein, James A. ISBN: 9780195065503 List Price: $125.00
History of England 1688 To the Present by Roberts, Clayton, Roberts, ... ISBN: 9780132064835 List Price: $79.60
England in the Reign of Edward Iii by Waugh, Scott L. ISBN: 9780521310390 List Price: $63.00
The Imperial Britian: The Empire in British Politics, 1880-1932 by Thompson, Andrew S. ISBN: 9780582319219 List Price: $35.40
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