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Rent cheap Great Britain textbooks today and find out how the history of this country has developed over time. With titles such as Why England Slept, The Making of England to 1399, and Daily Life in Victorian England, there is lots of information here to be appreciated. You can read all manner of affordable and pre-owned titles when you buy used Great Britain textbooks from Valore Books. We never charge more than we have to and you can benefit from the cheapest discounted deals you will ever see. You can look back into the ancient past or explore the near past - it's up to you. With books like King James VI and I and the Reunion of Christendom, not to mention The Norman Conquest: A New Introduction, you can find the right titles to help you learn about specific periods in its history. Try your luck with Valore Books now.

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Freeborn People Politics and the Nation in Seventeenth-Century England by Underdown, David ISBN: 9780198206125 List Price: $85.00
Great Britain A Reference Guide from the Renaissance to the Present by Tompson, Richard S. ISBN: 9780816044740 List Price: $85.00
New British Politics by Budge, Ian, Crewe, Ivor, Mc... ISBN: 9780582473355 List Price: $51.20
History of England by Hume, David, Todd, William B. ISBN: 9780865970335 List Price: $10.00
History of England by Hume, David, Todd, William B. ISBN: 9780865970311 List Price: $10.00
France and the British Isles in the Middle Ages and Renaissance: Essays by Members of Girton... by Jondorf, Gillian, Dumville,... ISBN: 9780851154879 List Price: $79.00
History of Saint Edward the King by Paris, Matthew, Fenster, Th... ISBN: 9780866983891
12th and 13th Centuries 1066-C.1280 by Harvey, Barbara F. ISBN: 9780198731399 List Price: $50.00
Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries 1066-C.1280 by Harvey, Barbara F., Harvey,... ISBN: 9780198731405 List Price: $135.00
Liberalism and Liberal Politics in Edwardian England by Bernstein, George L. ISBN: 9780049421981 List Price: $34.95
The Nonconformist Conscience: Chapel and Politics, 1870-1914 by Bebbington, D. W. ISBN: 9780049421738 List Price: $34.95
Decline of British Economic Power since Eighteen Seventy by Kirby, M. W. ISBN: 9780049421691 List Price: $24.95
Transformation of British Politics 1860-1995 by Harrison, Brian ISBN: 9780198731214 List Price: $50.00
Governing Gaeldom : The Scottish Highlands and the Restoration State, 1660-1688 by Kennedy, Allan ISBN: 9789004248373 List Price: $163.00
Writing on the Wall The British Commonwealth and Aggression in the East 1931-1935 by Andrews, Eric ISBN: 9780049090279 List Price: $44.95
Making the Peace Public Order and Public Security in Modern Britain by Townshend, Charles ISBN: 9780198229780 List Price: $143.00
Why England Slept by Kennedy, John F., Luce, Hen... ISBN: 9780313228742 List Price: $86.95
Historia Anglorum The History of the English People by Archdeacon, Henry, Greenway... ISBN: 9780198222248 List Price: $299.00
Malta and British Strategic Policy, 1925-43 by Austin, Douglas ISBN: 9780415649865
Magna Carta by Holt, J. C. ISBN: 9780521277785 List Price: $56.00
Material London, Ca. 1600 by Orlin, Lena Cowen ISBN: 9780812217216 List Price: $34.95
History of England,v.ii by Prall, Stuart E., Willson, ... ISBN: 9780030334276 List Price: $53.00
Culture of Secrecy Britain, 1832-1998 by Vincent, David ISBN: 9780198203070 List Price: $120.00
King James VI and I and the Reunion of Christendom by Patterson, W. B., Fletcher,... ISBN: 9780521793858 List Price: $47.00
Gesta Guillelmi of William of Poitiers by William of Poitiers, Davis,... ISBN: 9780198205531 List Price: $150.00
Consolidating Conquest by Lenihan, Padraig ISBN: 9780582772175 List Price: $55.95
Military History of Britain From 1775 to the Present by Black, Jeremy ISBN: 9780275990398 List Price: $49.95
Puritan Revolution & the English Civil War by Prall, Stuart E. ISBN: 9780894648892 List Price: $19.95
Wales in the Early Middle Ages by Davies, Wendy ISBN: 9780718512354 List Price: $19.95
How Voters Change The 1987 British Election Campaign in Perspective by Miller, William L., Clarke,... ISBN: 9780198273424 List Price: $105.00
British Political History, 1867-2001 Democracy and Decline by Pearce, Malcolm, Stewart, G... ISBN: 9780415268707 List Price: $32.95
Anglo-Saxon England 33, Vol. 33 by Lapidge, Michael, Keynes, S... ISBN: 9780521038591 List Price: $63.00
British Imperialism Crisis and Deconstruction, 1914-1990 by Cain, P. J., Hopkins, A. G. ISBN: 9780582209657 List Price: $44.00
This Realm of England:1399-1688,v.2 by Smith, Lacey B. ISBN: 9780669134223 List Price: $20.67
Ideas and Identities : British and American Culture 1500-1945 by Luden, Rolf, Srigley, Michael ISBN: 9789144295114
Taking Stock of Thatcherism by Hedetoft, Ulf, Niss, Hanne ISBN: 9788773074350
Milton's History of Britain Republican Historiography in the English Revolution by Von Maltzahn, Nicholas ISBN: 9780198128977 List Price: $140.00
Anglo-Saxon England 6, Vol. 6 by Clemoes, Peter, Biddle, Mar... ISBN: 9780521038638 List Price: $63.00
Anglo-Saxon England 19, Vol. 19 by Lapidge, Michael, Godden, M... ISBN: 9780521038430 List Price: $63.00
Historical Dictionary of Late Medieval England, 1272-1485 by Fritze, Ronald H., Robison,... ISBN: 9780313291241 List Price: $132.95
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