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Rent cheap Great Britain textbooks today and find out how the history of this country has developed over time. With titles such as Why England Slept, The Making of England to 1399, and Daily Life in Victorian England, there is lots of information here to be appreciated. You can read all manner of affordable and pre-owned titles when you buy used Great Britain textbooks from Valore Books. We never charge more than we have to and you can benefit from the cheapest discounted deals you will ever see. You can look back into the ancient past or explore the near past - it's up to you. With books like King James VI and I and the Reunion of Christendom, not to mention The Norman Conquest: A New Introduction, you can find the right titles to help you learn about specific periods in its history. Try your luck with Valore Books now.

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King's Parliament of England by Sayles, George O. ISBN: 9780393093223 List Price: $17.05
Gender and Power in Britain, 1640-1990 by Kent, Susan Kingsley ISBN: 9780415147422 List Price: $38.95
Oxford History of the British Empire The Origins of Empire British Overseas Enterprise to t... by Canny, Nicholas, Low, Alaine ISBN: 9780198205623 List Price: $135.00
English Civil War and After, 1642-1658 by Parry, R. H. ISBN: 9780520017832 List Price: $26.95
Britain and Empire, 1880-1945 by Kennedy, Dane ISBN: 9780582414938 List Price: $24.00
Britain in the Twentieth Century by More, Charles ISBN: 9780582784833 List Price: $38.20
London in the Age of Chaucer by Myers, A. R. ISBN: 9780806121116 List Price: $19.95
Decolonization : The British Experience since 1945 by White, Nicholas ISBN: 9781408245637
Vindication of the Rights of Woman : Abridged with Related Texts by Wollstonecraft, Mary, Barna... ISBN: 9781603849388 List Price: $8.95
Peoples of the British Isles : A New History by Meigs, Samantha A., Lehmber... ISBN: 9781935871576
English Atlantic, 1675-1740 An Exploration of Communication and Community by Steele, Ian K. ISBN: 9780195039689 List Price: $110.00
Richard the Lionheart King and Knight by Flori, Jean, Birrell, Jean ISBN: 9780275993979 List Price: $49.95
British Imperialism, 1688-2000 by Cain, Peter, Hopkins, Tony ISBN: 9780582472860 List Price: $49.60
Twentieth Century Britain by Johnson, Paul, Strange, Jul... ISBN: 9780582772878 List Price: $51.80
Imperial Encounters Religion and Modernity in India and Britain by Van der Veer, Peter ISBN: 9780691074788 List Price: $29.95
Sixties Britain Culture, Society And Politics by Donnelly, Mark ISBN: 9781405801102 List Price: $51.80
Great Land Rush and the Making of the Modern World, 1650-1900 by Weaver, John C. ISBN: 9780773531536 List Price: $29.95
Wars of the Roses Politics and the Constitution in England, C. 1437-1509 by Carpenter, Christine ISBN: 9780521318747 List Price: $45.00
Open Elite? England, 1540-1880 by Stone, Lawrence ISBN: 9780198206071 List Price: $50.00
King Alfred's English: A History of the Language We Speak and Why We Should Be Glad We Do by White, Laurie J., Wojciecho... ISBN: 9780980187717 List Price: $16.95
Anglo-Saxon England by Stenton, Frank M. ISBN: 9780192801395 List Price: $35.00
Politics Uk by Jones, Bill, Kavanagh, Denn... ISBN: 9781405824118 List Price: $68.20
Documents in British History 1688 To the Present by Blakeley, Brian L., Collins... ISBN: 9780070057029 List Price: $46.56
Later Tudors England 1547-1603 by Williams, Penry ISBN: 9780192880444 List Price: $50.00
Britain's Declining Empire The Road to Decolonisation, 1918-1968 by Hyam, Ronald ISBN: 9780521685559 List Price: $39.99
Albion Ascendant English History 1660-1815 by Prest, Wilfrid ISBN: 9780198204183 List Price: $47.95
England in the Thirteenth Century by Harding, Alan ISBN: 9780521316125 List Price: $48.00
Making of England:55 Bc-1399,v.1 by Hollister, C. Warren ISBN: 9780669397161 List Price: $33.56
Civil Histories Essays Presented to Sir Keith Thomas by Burke, Peter, Harrison, Bri... ISBN: 9780198207108 List Price: $150.00
People and the British Economy, 1830-1914 by Floud, Roderick ISBN: 9780192892102 List Price: $40.00
British Electorate, 1963-1987: A Compendium of Data from the British Election Studies by Crewe, Ivor, Day, Neil, Fox... ISBN: 9780521321976 List Price: $160.00
From Domesday Book to Magna Carta 1087-1216 by Poole, Austin L. ISBN: 9780192852878 List Price: $60.00
Polite and Commercial People England 1727-1783 by Langford, Paul ISBN: 9780192852533 List Price: $55.00
Elizabeth I The Competition for Representation by Frye, Susan ISBN: 9780195113839 List Price: $60.00
Britain for and Against Europe British Politics and the Question of European Integration by Baker, David, Seawright, David ISBN: 9780198280781 List Price: $150.00
Modern England by Webb, Robert K. ISBN: 9780060469740 List Price: $45.00
Further Reflections on the Revolution in France by Burke, Edmund, Ritchie, Dan... ISBN: 9780865970991 List Price: $14.50
Making of the British Isles: The State of Britain and Ireland, 1450-1660 by Ellis, Steven G., Maginn, C... ISBN: 9780582040038
A Brief History of Great Britain by Burns, William E. ISBN: 9780816081240 List Price: $19.95
Making of England, 55 B. C. to 1399 by Hollister, C. Warren, Smith... ISBN: 9780669244571 List Price: $22.00
Authority and Disorder in Tudor Times 1461-1603 by Thomas, Paul, Brown, Richar... ISBN: 9780521626644 List Price: $15.99
This Realm of England:1399-1688,v.2 by Smith, Lacey B. ISBN: 9780669244588 List Price: $22.00
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