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Rent cheap Great Britain textbooks today and find out how the history of this country has developed over time. With titles such as Why England Slept, The Making of England to 1399, and Daily Life in Victorian England, there is lots of information here to be appreciated. You can read all manner of affordable and pre-owned titles when you buy used Great Britain textbooks from Valore Books. We never charge more than we have to and you can benefit from the cheapest discounted deals you will ever see. You can look back into the ancient past or explore the near past - it's up to you. With books like King James VI and I and the Reunion of Christendom, not to mention The Norman Conquest: A New Introduction, you can find the right titles to help you learn about specific periods in its history. Try your luck with Valore Books now.

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Late Anglo-Saxon England : C.920-1066 by R O'brien, Bruce ISBN: 9780631225188 List Price: $29.95
Stuart Age by Coward, Barry ISBN: 9781405859165 List Price: $55.95
Elizabeth I by Haigh, Christopher ISBN: 9780582437548 List Price: $30.00
Past Speaks Sources and Problems in English History by Smith, Jean R., Smith, Lace... ISBN: 9780669246018 List Price: $105.95
Tudor And Stuart Britain 1485-1714 by Lockyer, Roger ISBN: 9780582771888 List Price: $39.80
Tudor England by Guy, John S. ISBN: 9780192852137 List Price: $52.95
Pursuit of History Aims, Methods, And New Directions in the Study of Modern History by Tosh, John, Lang, Sean ISBN: 9781405823517 List Price: $49.60
History of England, A, Volume 2 (1688 to the Present) by Roberts, Clayton, Roberts, ... ISBN: 9780136028628 List Price: $77.40
Charles Darwin, the Copley Medal, and the Rise of Naturalism 1862-1864 by Carnes, Mark, Swanson, Bern... ISBN: 9780205723171 List Price: $26.00
Tudor Rebellions by Fletcher, Anthony, MacCullo... ISBN: 9781405874328 List Price: $26.00
Britain Since 1707 by Brown, Callum, Fraser, Hamish ISBN: 9780582894150 List Price: $44.00
Philosophical Letters by Voltaire, Francois, Leigh, ... ISBN: 9780872208810 List Price: $9.95
Daily Life in Elizabethan England by Singman, Jeffrey L., McClea... ISBN: 9780313293351 List Price: $55.00
Areopagitica and Other Political Writings of John Milton by Milton, John, Alvis, John ISBN: 9780865971974 List Price: $14.50
Emergence of a Nation State The Commonwealth of England 1529-1660 by Smith, A. G. R. ISBN: 9780582238886 List Price: $58.40
British Empire by Samson, Jane ISBN: 9780192892935 List Price: $46.95
British Empire 1558-1995 by Lloyd, Trevor Owen ISBN: 9780198731337 List Price: $60.00
Rogues, Vagabonds, & Sturdy Beggars A New Gallery of Tudor and Early Stuart Rogue Literature... by Kinney, Arthur F., Lawrence... ISBN: 9780870237188 List Price: $21.95
British History 1815-1914 by McCord, Norman, Purdue, Bill ISBN: 9780199261642 List Price: $52.95
Revel, Riot And Rebellion Popular Politics And Culture in England 1603-1660 by Underdown, David ISBN: 9780192851932 List Price: $62.50
Rights of Man by Paine, Thomas, Claeys, Gregory ISBN: 9780872201477 List Price: $7.95
History of England Prehistory-1714 by Prall, Stuart E., Willson, ... ISBN: 9780030334245 List Price: $53.00
The Norman Conquest: A New Introduction by Huscroft, Richard ISBN: 9781405811552 List Price: $36.40
William Tyndale Bible Translator And Martyr by Rees, Fran, Rees, Fran ISBN: 9780756515997 List Price: $31.93
Names and Stories Emilia Dilke and Victorian Culture by Israel, Kali ISBN: 9780195158199 List Price: $60.00
Peoples of the British Isles : A New History by Meigs, Samantha A., Lehmber... ISBN: 9781935871583
Age of Aristocracy 1688-1830 by Willcox, William B., Arnste... ISBN: 9780618001033 List Price: $90.95
Early Modern England A Social History 1550-1760 by Sharpe, J. A. ISBN: 9780340577523 List Price: $43.95
English Levellers by Sharp, Andrew, Sharp, Andre... ISBN: 9780521625111 List Price: $33.99
Rise and Fall of British Naval Mastery by Kennedy, Paul M. ISBN: 9780948660016 List Price: $25.00
Turn to Empire The Rise of Imperial Liberalism in Britain & France by Pitts, Jennifer ISBN: 9780691127910 List Price: $28.95
Archives of Empire From the East India Company to the Suez Canal by Harlow, Barbara, Carter, Mia ISBN: 9780822331643 List Price: $37.95
Glorious Revolution by Miller, John ISBN: 9780582292222 List Price: $20.00
The Shaping of Modern Britain: Identity, Industry and Empire 1780 - 1914 by Evans, Eric ISBN: 9781408225646 List Price: $50.00
Empire on Trial: Race, Murder, and Justice under British Rule, 1870-1935 by Wiener, Martin J. ISBN: 9780521735070 List Price: $25.99
At Home With the Empire Metropolitan Culture And the Imperial World by Hall, Catherine, Rose, Sony... ISBN: 9780521670029 List Price: $36.99
Oxford History of the British Empire The Origins of Empire British Overseas Enterprise to t... by Canny, Nicholas, Low, Alaine ISBN: 9780198205623 List Price: $135.00
History of England by Hume, David, Todd, William B. ISBN: 9780865970359 List Price: $10.00
Women in Early Modern England 1550-1720 by Mendelson, Sara, Crawford, ... ISBN: 9780198208129 List Price: $50.00
Britannia Overruled British Policy and World Power in the Twentieth Century by Reynolds, David ISBN: 9780582382497 List Price: $58.20
Crisis of Parliaments English History, 1509-1660 by Russell, Conrad ISBN: 9780199130344 List Price: $44.95
Britain in the 1st Millennium by James, Edward ISBN: 9780340586877 List Price: $41.25
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