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Baltic States Years of Dependence 1940-1990 by Misiunas, Romuald J., Taage... ISBN: 9780520082281 List Price: $37.95
Latvians A Short History by Plakans, Andrejs ISBN: 9780817993023 List Price: $24.95
Baltic Countries Under Occupation Soviet & Nazi Rule 1939-1991 by Koll, Anu Mari ISBN: 9789122020493 List Price: $117.50
Northern Europe in the Early Modern Period The Baltic World, 1492-1772 by Kirby, David ISBN: 9780582004115 List Price: $32.23
Estonia and the Estonians - Toivo U. Raun - Paperback by Raun, Toivo U. ISBN: 9780817985127 List Price: $15.95
Civil-Military Relations under President Antanas Smetona 1926-1940 by Vitas, Robert A. ISBN: 9780929700434 List Price: $22.50
Baltic States,years of Dependence... by Misiunas, Romuald J., Taage... ISBN: 9780520082274 List Price: $45.00
Baltic States Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania by Smith, David J., Lane, Thom... ISBN: 9780415285803 List Price: $64.95
Baltic Biographies at Historical Crossroads by Bennich-Björkman, Li, Aare... ISBN: 9780415681100
Estonia-Tallin : A Practical Guide by Collet's Holdings, Ltd. Staff ISBN: 9780569092906
Chronicle of Henry of Livonia by Lettus, Henricus, Brundage,... ISBN: 9780598243980 List Price: $84.40
Soviet Family of Nations : A Latvian Journey by Singh, Darshan ISBN: 9780865902121 List Price: $13.95
Estonia and the Estonians by Raun, Toivo U. ISBN: 9780817985110 List Price: $31.95
Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania - Graham A. Smith - Hardcover by Smith, Inese A., Grunts, Ma... ISBN: 9781851091966 List Price: $81.50
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