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The study of civilizations puts into perspective where people came from in comparison to today's modern world. By studying the patterns and decisions made by past civilizations we can make more educated decisions in today's world as well as predictions for the future. We can even avoid making bad decisions by looking at mistakes made in the past. While there might not be examples from ancient civilizations of people paying too much for their textbooks, some general lessons can be applied. Any of the great names from ancient civilizations such as Alexander the Great or Hippocrates would tell you that it is crazy to pay the high prices that college bookshops charge for textbooks when you can get your civilization textbooks right here for a fraction of the price. We have a huge range of affordable civilization textbooks available to buy or rent, both new and used, and all in great condition.

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Western Experience by Chambers, Mortimer, Grew, R... ISBN: 9780070110663 List Price: $81.56
Other Side of Western Civilization Readings in Everyday Life The Ancient World to the Refor... by Chodorow, Stanley, Sortor, ... ISBN: 9780155078512 List Price: $97.95
Civilization in the West, Since 1789 by Kishlansky, Mark, Geary, Pa... ISBN: 9780205556892 List Price: $97.80
The Western Heritage: Volume B by Kagan, Donald M., Ozment, S... ISBN: 9780205699797 List Price: $97.80
West in the World by Sherman, Dennis, Salisbury,... ISBN: 9780073406923 List Price: $142.81
West Encounters & Transformations To 1715 by Levack, Brian P., Muir, Edw... ISBN: 9780673982506 List Price: $101.20
Discovering Ideas by Wyrick, Jean ISBN: 9780155011359 List Price: $33.75
European Identity : A Historical Reader by Drace-Francis, Alex ISBN: 9780230243293
Civilization Past & Present From 500-1815 by Brummett, Palmira, Jewsbury... ISBN: 9780321236289 List Price: $102.80
Western Civilization Ideas, Politics, and Society from the 1600s by Perry, Marvin B., Chase, My... ISBN: 9780618613021 List Price: $128.95
The West: Encounters & Transformations, Volume 1, Books a la Carte Edition (3rd Edition) by Levack, Brian, Muir, Edward... ISBN: 9780205797783 List Price: $43.80
The Horse in Human History by Kelekna, Pita ISBN: 9780521736299 List Price: $28.99
Best Test Preparation for the CLEP Western Civilization II by Jones, Preston, Zophy, Jona... ISBN: 9780738601335 List Price: $34.95
World Civilizations: Volume II: Since 1500 by Adler, Philip J., Pouwels, ... ISBN: 9780495502623 List Price: $129.95
Survey of Western Civilization by Cassar, Goff, Richard D., H... ISBN: 9780070226166
Perspectives From The Past by Brophy, James M., Cole, Jos... ISBN: 9780393925708 List Price: $44.05
Makers of the Western Tradition Portraits from History Portraits from History by Sowards, J. Kelley ISBN: 9780312142520 List Price: $32.30
World Civilizations: The Global Experience, Volume 1, Books a la Carte Edition by Stearns, Peter N., Adas, Mi... ISBN: 9780205659661 List Price: $68.67
Sources of World Civilization A Diversity of Traditions by Johnson, Oliver A., Halvers... ISBN: 9780131824836 List Price: $60.60
Essentials of Western Civilization With Infotrac A History of European Society Since 1550 by Hause, Steven, Hause, Willi... ISBN: 9780534578725 List Price: $86.95
Heritage of World Civilizations From 1300 to 1800 by Craig, Albert M., Graham, W... ISBN: 9780130988096 List Price: $85.20
African Origins Of Civilization, Religion, Yoga, Mysticism And Philosophy by Ashby, Muata ISBN: 9781884564505 List Price: $49.00
Western Tradition-Std. Guide Semester I by Boggis, Jay ISBN: 9780131985278 List Price: $62.40
Western Heritage Since 1789 by Kagan, Donald ISBN: 9780131828704 List Price: $71.00
World Civilizations Sources, Images, and Interpretations by Sherman, Dennis, Grunfeld, ... ISBN: 9780072418163 List Price: $50.80
History of World Societies (Complete), Updated by McKay, John, Hill, Bennett,... ISBN: 9780618896455
West Transformed A History of Western Civilization, Since 1300-Alternate Volume by Harcourt Brace Staff, Holli... ISBN: 9780155081314 List Price: $175.95
Human Drama World History From the Beginning to 500 C.E. by Johnson, Jean Elliott, John... ISBN: 9781558762114 List Price: $28.95
Global Perspectives Source Readings from World Civilizations by Nelson, Lynn H., Drummond, ... ISBN: 9780155296176 List Price: $80.95
A History of World Societies, Vol. B: From 800 to 1815 by McKay, John P., Hill, Benne... ISBN: 9780312682972
World Cultures And Geography Reading Workbook by Unknown ISBN: 9780618199211 List Price: $12.00
Essentials of Western Civilization A History of European Society to 1715 by Hause, Steven C., Maltby, W... ISBN: 9780534578718 List Price: $86.95
A History of World Societies: Volume 1: To 1715 by McKay, John P., Hill, Benne... ISBN: 9780312683306 List Price: $99.56
Sources of the West Readings in Western Civilization From the Beginning to 1715 by Kishlansky, Mark A., Stater... ISBN: 9780321105509 List Price: $52.67
World Civilizations The Global Experience 1450 - Present by Stearns, Peter, Adas, Micha... ISBN: 9780321182814 List Price: $92.40
Heritage of World Civilizations To 1600 by Craig, Albert M. ISBN: 9780023255076 List Price: $50.00
Heritage of World Civilizations Vol B From 1300 Through the French Revolution by Craig, Albert M. ISBN: 9780023255113 List Price: $45.00
West Culture and Ideas, Prentice Hall Portfolio Edition, to 1660 by Frankforter, A. Daniel, Spe... ISBN: 9780130984210 List Price: $44.80
Africa in World History by Reynolds, Jonathan T., Gilb... ISBN: 9780130929075 List Price: $53.80
Civilization in the West,comp. by Kishlansky, Mark L. ISBN: 9780673985255 List Price: $75.75
West+the World,v1 by Reilly, Kevin ISBN: 9780060453466 List Price: $60.00
Civilizations Past and Present, Volume 1, Books a la Carte Edition by Edgar, Edgar, Robert R., Ha... ISBN: 9780205771653
Civilizations of the West The Human Adventure by Greaves, Richard L., Zaller... ISBN: 9780060473020 List Price: $82.00
Civilizations of the World The Human Adventure by Greaves, Richard L. ISBN: 9780065006742 List Price: $83.00
A History of Western Society: Volume B: from Renaissance To 1815 by McKay, John P., Hill, Benne... ISBN: 9780312683146 List Price: $84.25
Western Civilization - Beyond Boundaries to 1500 by Noble, Thomas F. X., Straus... ISBN: 9780618794270 List Price: $112.95
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