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History students looking to rent cheap Caribbean and West Indies textbooks will want to browse our extensive collection of text books in this area. We have titles that include Puerto Rico: An Interpretive History from Precolumbia Times to 1900, Racial Politics in Post Revolutionary Cuba and Latin America in the Era of the Cuban Revolution. Apart from all covering history in this part of the world, they all have the cheapest prices in common as well. Some of our prices give you discounts of as much as two thirds of the list price you'd pay elsewhere. Buying brand new books isn't advisable when you can buy used Caribbean and West Indies textbooks here and now for more affordable prices. You can also rent cheap Caribbean and West Indies textbooks if you want to, making it easy to get the books you need just for the time you need them for.

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France and the American Tropics to 1700 by Boucher, Philip P. ISBN: 9780801887253 List Price: $57.00
Castro's Cuba in the 1970's by Sobel, Lester ISBN: 9780871961518 List Price: $17.50
Little England: Plantation Society and Anglo-Barbadian Politics, 1627-1700 by Puckrein, Gary A. ISBN: 9780814766026 List Price: $15.00
1959 by Diederich, Bernard ISBN: 9780595464784 List Price: $16.95
A Short History of the West Indies by Parry, J. H., Sherlock, Phi... ISBN: 9780312722050 List Price: $18.95
The United States and the Cuban Revolution, 1958-1960 (Pew case studies in international aff... by Lowenthal, Abraham F., Star... ISBN: 9781569273289 List Price: $3.50
Huracan del Caribe: Vida y obra del insigne puertorriqueno, don Pedro Albizu Campos (Libros ... by Frambes-Buxeda, Aline, De J... ISBN: 9780962359040 List Price: $20.00
No Black Sparrows: A Vivid Portrait of Jamaica in the 1930s by Roy, Namba ISBN: 9780435988128 List Price: $7.95
A First Geography of the Eastern Caribbean by Evans, F. Colin ISBN: 9780521468428 List Price: $14.00
Bahamas by Evans, F. C., Young, N. ISBN: 9780521212922 List Price: $7.50
West Indian Migration by Philpott, Stuart B. ISBN: 9780485195477
Cuba under Castro: The Limits of Charisma by Gonzalez, Edward ISBN: 9780395140673 List Price: $24.36
Writer in Transition Roger Mais and the Decolonizing of Caribbean Culture by Hawthorne, Evelyn J. ISBN: 9780820408163 List Price: $34.00
Amelioration of the Slaves in the British Empire, 1790-1833 by Luster, Robert E. ISBN: 9780820420684 List Price: $38.95
Short History of the West Indies by Parry, J. H., Sherlock, Phi... ISBN: 9780312721701 List Price: $22.50
Reminiscences of an Islander by Dill, Bayard ISBN: 9781872795195
Cuba : A Country Study by Hudson, Rex A., Worden, Rob... ISBN: 9781422306802 List Price: $55.00
1982 Cuban Joint Venture Law : Context, Assessment, and Prospects by Perez-Lopez, Jorge F. ISBN: 9781560006626 List Price: $14.95
Esclavitud Urbana en San Juan de Puerto Rico by Negron-Portillo, Mariano, M... ISBN: 9780929157191 List Price: $7.50
New Bahamian History : Africa's Image Revisited by Dalleo, Peter T. ISBN: 9780932265081 List Price: $3.00
Antologia Nueva De Nemesio Canales by Canales, Nemesio, Montana P... ISBN: 9780844700007 List Price: $6.00
Historia de Puerto Rico : Siglo XIX by Cruz Monclava, Lidio ISBN: 9780847708017 List Price: $55.00
Bahamas Bound : A Bibliography for Field Work in the Bahamas by Hellman, Donna ISBN: 9780935909586 List Price: $10.00
Danish Presence and Legacy in the Virgin Islands by Holsoe, Svend E., McCollum,... ISBN: 9780963639806 List Price: $14.95
Escambray : La Historia Que el Totalitarismo Trat� de Sepultar by Darias, Idolidia, Instituto... ISBN: 9781890829575
Caribbean Environment Outlook by Toepfer, Klaus, Heileman, S... ISBN: 9780756747381 List Price: $40.00
Jacmel Sa Contribution a l Historie d'Haiti (Tome 2) by Gilles, Jean-Elie ISBN: 9781584320449 List Price: $29.50
Chronological History of the West Indies by Southey, Thomas ISBN: 9780598629982 List Price: $192.60
Chronological History of the West Indies by Southey, Thomas ISBN: 9780598629975 List Price: $173.60
Chronological History of the West Indies by Southey, Thomas ISBN: 9780598629968 List Price: $107.30
Grenada : Revolution in Reverse by Ferguson, James ISBN: 9780906156490
From the Silver Fronds by Afana, Mohamed ISBN: 9780997475500
From the Silver Fronds by Afana, Mohamed ISBN: 9780997475517
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