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We've got several dozen great text books on this particular country, enabling you to find out more about its history and how it has developed today. Buy cheap Korea textbooks and discover titles such as The Making of Modern Korea; The Koreas (Asia in Focus); Steel King: The Story of TJ Park; and Korea and East Asia: The Story of Phoenix. When you realize just how easy it is to buy Korea textbooks online from our website, you'll realize why so many American students come back over and over again. We've got the cheapest deals you could want, along with discounted prices on all manner of different text books. Whatever area of Korean history you are learning about, and whether it relates to the north or south of the country, you will be glad you bought these books from us. You can sell your Korea books back too if you want to.

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Korean Endgame A Strategy for Reunification and U.S. Disengagement by Harrison, Selig S. ISBN: 9780691116266 List Price: $35.00
South Korea Since 1980 by Heo, Uk, Roehrig, Terence ISBN: 9780521743532 List Price: $27.99
Making of Modern Korea by Buzo, Adrian ISBN: 9780415414838 List Price: $43.95
Koreas A Global Studies Handbook by Connor, Mary E., Ellington,... ISBN: 9781576072776 List Price: $55.00
Kimchi and IT by Kim, Choong Soon ISBN: 9788933705285 List Price: $39.95
History of Korea by Kim, Djun Kil ISBN: 9780313332968 List Price: $45.00
North Korea's Military-Diplomatic Campaigns, 1966-2008 (Routledge Security in Asia Pacific S... by Michishita, Narushige ISBN: 9780415449434 List Price: $130.00
Northern Region of Korea : History, Identity, and Culture by Kim, Sun Joo ISBN: 9780295990415 List Price: $45.00
Korea Briefing Toward Reunification by McCann, David R. ISBN: 9781563248863 List Price: $30.95
Archaeology of Korea by Nelson, Sarah Milledge, Yof... ISBN: 9780521407830 List Price: $61.00
Markets of Asia/Pacific: South Korea by Survey Research Group Staff ISBN: 9780871965912 List Price: $75.00
Disarming Strangers Nuclear Diplomacy With North Korea by Sigal, Leon V. ISBN: 9780691010069 List Price: $24.95
Korea's Ancient Koguryo Kingdom : A Socio-Political History by Noh, Taedon, Huston, John ISBN: 9789004245716 List Price: $181.00
The Koreas (Asia in Focus) by Connor, Mary E. ISBN: 9781598841602 List Price: $95.00
Korea Under the American Military Government, 1945-1948 by Oh, Bonnie B. C. ISBN: 9780275974565 List Price: $93.95
International Politics and Security in Korea by Kim, Jaegwon ISBN: 9781847200297 List Price: $100.00
Future of North Korea by Akaha, Tsuneo ISBN: 9780415249652 List Price: $114.95
Arming the Two Koreas State, Capital, and Military Power by Hamm, Taik-Young ISBN: 9780415207928 List Price: $150.00
Introduction to Korean History and Culture - Andrew C. Nahm - Paperback by Nahm, Andrew C. ISBN: 9780930878078 List Price: $18.50
King Sejong the Great by Young-Key, Kim-Renaud ISBN: 9781882177011 List Price: $24.95
Korea's Twentieth-century Odyssey A Short History by Robinson, Michael E. ISBN: 9780824830809 List Price: $48.00
Steel King: The Story of T. J. Park by Seo, K. K. ISBN: 9780536003492 List Price: $50.00
Two Koreas in East Asian Affairs - William J. Barnds - Hardcover by Barnds, William J. ISBN: 9780814709887 List Price: $50.00
The History of Korea by Han, Woo-Keun, Mintz, Graft... ISBN: 9780824803346 List Price: $13.00
North Korea by Park, Han S. ISBN: 9780131021617 List Price: $35.00
Korea : A Geomedical Monograph of the REPUBLIC of KOREA by Dege, Eckart, Soh, Chin-thack ISBN: 9783642671371 List Price: $99.00
Standardization And Conformity Assessment in the Republic of Korea by Choe, Gum Ho ISBN: 9780756743642 List Price: $20.00
Hist of Korea by Han, Woo-Keun, Mintz, Graft... ISBN: 9780824801069 List Price: $15.00
From the Streets to the Olympics : Korea, Democracy and the 24th Olympiad, 1987-88 by Hyungwon Kang, Hillenbrand,... ISBN: 9780685308806 List Price: $60.00
Victory at High Tide : The Inchon-Seoul Campaign by Heinl, Robert D., Jr. ISBN: 9780785534044 List Price: $56.00
South Korea since 1980 by Heo, Uk, Roehrig, Terence ISBN: 9780521761161 List Price: $85.00
From the Streets to the Olympics: Korea, Democracy and the 24th Olympiad, 1987-88 by Hyungwon Kang, Hillenbrand,... ISBN: 9781877813023 List Price: $60.00
Korean Unification Implications for Northeast Asia by Jordan, Amos A. ISBN: 9780892062157 List Price: $12.00
One Korea? Challenges and Prospects for Reunification by Henriksen, Thomas H., Lho, ... ISBN: 9780817992927 List Price: $18.95
One Korea Via Permanent Neutrality by Hwang, In K. ISBN: 9780870470172 List Price: $13.95
Yi Chung-Hwan's T'Aengniji The Korean Classic for Choosing Settlements by Chung-Hwan, Yi, Yoon, Inshi... ISBN: 9780958652636 List Price: $17.00
Divided Korea and Longing for Reunification by Kwon, Ho Youn ISBN: 9780964367753 List Price: $20.00
North Korea : A Country Study (1993) by Savada, Andrea Matles ISBN: 9781422307830 List Price: $40.00
Korea by Gannon, Philip J. ISBN: 9780910054812 List Price: $5.00
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