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Affordable text books for college students might sound like a real challenge, but in reality it is a lot easier to get the deals you need from us. Valore Books is a specialist in finding pre-owned college text books on history and many other topics. This means you can buy cheap West textbooks on this part of Africa, not to mention every other part of the world you can think of. In this case you can get West Africa Before the COlonial Era: A History to 1850; The History of Ghana; Culture and Customs of Cameroon; and Planting Rice and Harvesting Slaves: Transformations Along the Guinea-Bissau Coast, 1400-1900. There are many other affordable books you can buy or rent too, so take a closer look to see what you can find in our collection. History studies at college don't have to incur massive expenses on books, as you can see.

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Ibn Battuta in Black Africa by Hamdun, Said, King, Noel Q.... ISBN: 9781558760875 List Price: $39.95
Making Kedjom Medicine A History of Public Health and Well-Being in Cameroon by Maynard, Kent ISBN: 9780325071183 List Price: $63.95
Destiny+race by Crummell, Alexander, Moses,... ISBN: 9780870237898 List Price: $17.95
Sierra Leone (World Bibliographical Series) by Binns, M., Binns, Tony ISBN: 9781851091010 List Price: $81.50
Cocoa Diseases and Politics in Ghana, 1910-1966 by Danquah, Francis K. ISBN: 9780820421902 List Price: $39.95
Guide Pratique des Codes Forestiers du Mali, du Niger et du Senegal by Elbow, Kent, Rochegude, Ala... ISBN: 9780934519786 List Price: $7.00
Layperson's Guide to the Forest Codes of Mali, Niger and Senegal by Elbow, Kent, Rochegude, Alain ISBN: 9780934519564 List Price: $7.00
Business of Decolonization British Business Strategies in the Gold Coast by Stockwell, Sarah ISBN: 9780198208488 List Price: $175.00
Togo by Parker, Frank, Decalo, Samuel ISBN: 9781851091607 List Price: $57.00
Heart of the Matter: Sierra Leone, Diamonds&Human Security by Smillie, Ian, Gberie, Lansa... ISBN: 9780756707927 List Price: $25.00
Nigeria at Fifty : The Nation in Narration by Obadare, Ebenezer, Adebanwi... ISBN: 9780415608404
Sierra Leone Presidential Election and Parliamentary Elections 14 May 2002 the Report of the... by Commonwealth Secretariat Staff ISBN: 9780850927191 List Price: $19.95
Letters from Nigeria, 1899-1900 by Carnegie, David W., O'Hear,... ISBN: 9780942615166 List Price: $30.00
Politics, Misunderstandings, Misconceptions The History of Colonial Universities by Okunor, Shiame ISBN: 9780820411767 List Price: $34.95
Nigeria's Diverse Peoples A Reference Sourcebook by Gordon, April A., Barkan, E... ISBN: 9781576076828 List Price: $55.00
Counterinsurgency in Africa The Portuguese Way of War, 1961-1974 by Cann, John P. ISBN: 9780313301896 List Price: $115.00
Alhazai of Maraki Traditional Hausa Merchants in a Changing Salelian City by Gregoire, Emmanuel, Hardy, ... ISBN: 9781555872786 List Price: $42.00
Fighting for the Rain Forest War, Youth & Resources in Sierra Leone by Richards, Paul ISBN: 9780435074050 List Price: $67.00
Animation Rurale and Rural Development : The Experience of Senegal by Gellar, Sheldon, Charlick, ... ISBN: 9780867310429 List Price: $11.05
Social Accounting Matrix for Cameroon by Gauthier, Madeleine, Kyle, ... ISBN: 9781564011046 List Price: $7.00
Equatorial Guinea (World Bibliographical Series) by Fegley, Randall ISBN: 9781851091676 List Price: $60.00
History of Nigeria by Isichei, Elizabeth ISBN: 9780582643307 List Price: $18.95
Southern Nigeria in Transition, 1885-1906 by Anene, J. C. ISBN: 9780521040334 List Price: $34.50
John Clarkson and the African Adventure by Wilson, E. G. ISBN: 9780333265949 List Price: $39.95
West Africa:intro.to Its History by Crowder, Michael ISBN: 9780582600034 List Price: $33.00
Rise and Fall of Nigeria's Second Republic: 1979-1984 by Falola, Toyin, Ihonvbere, J... ISBN: 9780862323806
Nigeria and Its British Invaders 1851-1920 by Asiegbu, J. U. ISBN: 9780883571019 List Price: $27.95
My Command by Obasanjo, Olusegun ISBN: 9780435902490 List Price: $9.95
West Africa in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (Histories of the peoples of Africa) by Anderson, John D., Ikime, O... ISBN: 9780435940089 List Price: $5.95
No Fist Is Big Enough to Hide the Sky by Davidson, Basil Risbridger,... ISBN: 9780905762890 List Price: $9.95
Nigeria and Its British Invaders by Asiegbu, J. U. ISBN: 9780685081839 List Price: $12.95
History of West Africa in Maps and Diagrams by Catchpole, Akinjogbin ISBN: 9780685445365 List Price: $15.95
Long Way Gone : Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Beah, Ishmael ISBN: 9780784826324
Sierra Leone : A Concise History by Kup, A. P. ISBN: 9780312724153
Variety of Christian Experience in Nigeria by Isichei, Elizabeth ISBN: 9780333310274 List Price: $42.00
History of West Africa, Volume One by Ajayi, Jacob Festus Ade, Cr... ISBN: 9780582646834 List Price: $29.95
Sojourners in Search of Freedom: The Settlement of Liberia by Black Americans by Smith, James W. ISBN: 9780819157874 List Price: $49.50
History of West Africa by Ajayi, Jacob Festus Ade, Cr... ISBN: 9780582016040 List Price: $29.95
History of Nigeria by Isichei, Elizabeth ISBN: 9780582643314 List Price: $44.00
Multilingualism and Diglossia in Sierra Leone by Abdul Karim Bangura ISBN: 9781556181047 List Price: $9.95
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