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If Africa is a country you are learning about in college, you can buy cheap central textbooks that delve into the history of this particular region. Getting them at affordable prices might seem a challenge, but when you use Valore Books to find them you might be surprised at how easy it is to get the deals you want. Discounted prices are always provided here at our marketplace, and you can get a range of fascinating titles too. Buy To Honor the Sacred Trust of Civilization: History, Politics and Education in Southern Africa; Trouble with the Congo: Local Violence and the Failure of International Peacekeeping; Shadow of Imana; and The History of Central Africa: The Contemporary Years Since 1960. There are many other affordable deals to be had here too, not to mention the fact you can sell your central books back at any point in the future. What more would you need?

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Genocide and Crisis in Central Africa Conflict Roots, Mass Violence, and Regional War by Scherrer, Christian P., Mel... ISBN: 9780275972240 List Price: $105.00
Introduction to the History of Central Africa by Wills, A. J. ISBN: 9780198730767 List Price: $55.00
History of Central Africa by Diagram Group ISBN: 9780816050642 List Price: $30.00
Congo (World Bibliographical Series) by Fegley, Randall ISBN: 9781851091997 List Price: $75.00
Culture and Customs of the Central African Republic by Woodfork, Jacqueline ISBN: 9780313332036 List Price: $49.95
Shadow of Imana by Tadjo, Veronique ISBN: 9780435910150 List Price: $17.44
Zaire (World Bibliographical Series) by Williams, Dawn B., Bastian,... ISBN: 9781851092185 List Price: $77.00
Kingdoms of the Savanna by Vansina, Jan ISBN: 9780299036607 List Price: $25.00
History of Central Africa by Birmingham, David, Martin, ... ISBN: 9780582276086 List Price: $39.60
Writing of the Nation by Mulenda Kapanga, Kasongo ISBN: 9781592219919
Real Economy of Zaire The Contribution of Smuggling and Other Unofficial Activities to the N... by MacGaffey, Janet, Mukohya, ... ISBN: 9780812213652 List Price: $32.50
Crisis in Zaire Myths and Realities by Nzongola-Ntalaja, Georges ISBN: 9780865430242 List Price: $19.95
End of Chidyerano A History of Food And Everyday Life in Malawi, 1860-2004 by Mandala, Elias C. ISBN: 9780325070209 List Price: $29.95
History of Central Africa,vol.2 by Birmingham, David, Martin, ... ISBN: 9780582646766 List Price: $33.50
History of Central Africa The Contemporary Years Since 1960 by Birmingham, David, Martin, ... ISBN: 9780582276079 List Price: $52.80
Poverty and Food Consumption in Urban Zaire by Tabatabai, Hamid ISBN: 9781564011473 List Price: $7.00
Chad : By Allan Carpenter and James Hughes by Carpenter, Allan, Lewin, Th... ISBN: 9780608049540 List Price: $30.00
Pierre Mulele and the Kwilu Peasant Uprising in Zaire by Martens, Ludo, Wolfers, Mic... ISBN: 9780862329235
From Iron Age to Independence: History of Central Africa by Needham, D. E., Mashingaidz... ISBN: 9780582651111 List Price: $13.95
Central African Republic - Pierre Kalck - Library Binding by Kalck, Pierre ISBN: 9781851091720 List Price: $76.50
Real Economy of Zaire: The Contribution of Smuggling and Other Unofficial Activities to Nati... by MacGaffey, Janet, Mukohya, ... ISBN: 9780812231403 List Price: $31.95
Lonely African by Turnbull, Colin M. ISBN: 9780671200695 List Price: $10.95
Description and Historical Account of the Gold Kingdom of Guinea, 1602 by Van Dantzig, Albert, Jones,... ISBN: 9780197260562 List Price: $89.00
History of Central Africa by Birmingham, David, Martin, ... ISBN: 9780582646759 List Price: $63.50
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