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Hola! Como estas? You probably already know that this means, "Hello! How are you?" in Spanish. This is good to know if you are planning a trip to the beautiful, endless beaches of Costa Rica and want to be friendly. And you'll want to know more if you decide to stay for a few months or years when you discover the beauty of the rainforests and the warmth off their blue waters. Beyond using a second language for travel, there is a beauty in expanding your mind and being able to communicate with a wider circle of human beings. Say you are on a bus, and a sweet, elderly lady begins asking you an important question in Spanish. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to help her? Our extensive collection of used Spanish textbooks will provide a perfect start for your second language education, and extended knowledge if you already have a few years of Spanish education under your belt. Not only is our collection extensive, we offer the cheapest textbooks around (translated into Spanish, cheap is barato)! Our used textbooks are in great condition and will be shipped directly to your door. Begin your search for Spanish textbooks by title, author and/or ISBN. Gracias!

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Punto Y Aparte Spanish in Review-Moving Toward Fluency by Foerster, Sharon W., Lambri... ISBN: 9780073254999 List Price: $108.13
Ven Conmigo!-grammar Tutor,levels 1,2,3 by Holt, Rinehart and Winston ... ISBN: 9780030658938 List Price: $21.66
Siempre Adelante A Brief Course for Intermediate Spanish by Cubillos, Jorge H. ISBN: 9780838405314 List Price: $76.95
Avanzando Gramatica Espanola Y Lectura by Salazar, Carmen, De La Vega... ISBN: 9780471700128 List Price: $74.95
Using Spanish A Guide to Contemporary Usage by Pountain, Christopher J., B... ISBN: 9780521004817 List Price: $46.99
Avanzando Gramatica Espanola Y Lectura by Salazar, Carmen, De La Vega... ISBN: 9780471699743 List Price: $119.04
Manual De Gramatica Grammar Reference for Students of Spanish by Dozier, Eleanor, Iguina, Zulma ISBN: 9781413032192 List Price: $121.95
Vvelo! Beginning Spanish (Spanish Edition) by Young, Dolly, Gregory, Amy,... ISBN: 9780471727767 List Price: $167.95
Dicho y Hecho : Beginnins Spanish by Potowski, Kim, Dawson, Lail... ISBN: 9780470937914 List Price: $62.95
Para siempre: A Conversational Approach to Spanish by Montemayor, Marta, de León,... ISBN: 9780547142395 List Price: $93.95
En Breve A Concise Review of Spanish Grammar by Resnick, Seymour, Giuliano,... ISBN: 9780030329333 List Price: $115.95
Spanish for Oral and Written Review by Iglesias, Mario, Meiden, Wa... ISBN: 9780155010932 List Price: $133.95
Teoria Y Tecnicas De Traduccion by Cash, Annette G., Murray, J... ISBN: 9780942566567 List Price: $24.95
Horizontes Repaso Y Conversacion by Gilman, Graciela Ascarrunz,... ISBN: 9780471476009 List Price: $104.95
Dilogos: Hacia una comunidad global by Tacelosky, Kathleen, Kauffm... ISBN: 9780205643943 List Price: $66.67
LA Llamada De LA Habana by Miquel, Lourdes, Sans, Neus ISBN: 9780130993823 List Price: $15.20
Dicho y Hecho - Beginning Spanish by Dawson, Laila M., Potowski,... ISBN: 9780470906880 List Price: $141.95
Puntos de Partida w. Workbook & Quia 8 by Knorre, Marty ISBN: 9780077388737 List Price: $250.94
Rumbos Alternate Edition by Pellettieri, Jill, Lopez-Bu... ISBN: 9781428206007 List Price: $80.95
Spanish for Hospitality and Food Service by Thomas, Jennifer ISBN: 9780130482617 List Price: $42.60
Spanish Composition Through Literature by Ayllon, Candido, Smith, Pau... ISBN: 9780130400420 List Price: $76.60
Como Se Dice...?-text Only by Jarvis, Ana C., Lebredo, Ra... ISBN: 9780669295054 List Price: $66.76
Puentes Spanish for Intensive And High-beginner Courses by Marinelli, Patti J., Laughl... ISBN: 9781413011944 List Price: $130.95
Communicating in Spanish Intermediate Level by Schmitt, Conrad J., Woodfor... ISBN: 9780070566439 List Price: $14.00
Spanish Pablo y sus Amigos by Hazan, Maurice, Hazan, Maur... ISBN: 9781932770025 List Price: $20.00
Comunidades by Abbott, Annie R. ISBN: 9780135026601 List Price: $60.00
Literatura Hispanoamericana, Antologia E Introduccion Historica by Imbert, Enrique Anderson, F... ISBN: 9780470002858 List Price: $129.95
Vacaciones Al Sol by Miquel, Lourdes, Sans, Neus ISBN: 9780130993847 List Price: $13.80
Graded Spanish Review Grammar by Tarr, F. Courtney, Centeno,... ISBN: 9780133621464 List Price: $106.60
Delmar's English/Spanish Pocket Dictionary for Health Professionals by Kelz, Rochelle K. ISBN: 9780827361713 List Price: $72.95
Eres Tu, Maria by Sans, Neus, Miquel, Lourdes ISBN: 9780130993793 List Price: $14.60
Conversaciones Escritas by Potowski, Kim ISBN: 9780470905920 List Price: $61.95
Spanish Phonetics and Phonemics by Busch, Hans-Jorg, Lathrop, Tom ISBN: 9780942566444 List Price: $23.95
Racconti Del Novecento Realta' Regionali by Olken, Ilene T., Mazzola, C... ISBN: 9780137500017 List Price: $58.67
Opiniones A Four-skills Approach To Intermediate Spanish by Rodrigo, Victoria, Lluna-Ma... ISBN: 9780131178847 List Price: $73.00
Azulejo Study Guide for the New Ap* Spanish Literature Course by Colbert, Anna, Colbert, Mar... ISBN: 9781877653810 List Price: $26.60
Evolution of Spanish by Lathrop, Tom ISBN: 9781589770140 List Price: $19.95
Acuerdos Actividades Interactivas De Produccion Oral Orientadas Al Mundo Del Trabajo by Hervás , Nuria, Ozores, Mar... ISBN: 9780131838208 List Price: $26.40
Action Spanish for Law Enforcement Spanish for Beginners by Kane, Michael, Welder, Barb... ISBN: 9780130852052 List Price: $51.20
Lejos De Casa by Sans, Neus, Miquel, Lourdes ISBN: 9780130993786 List Price: $15.20
Audio CDs for Student Activities Manual for Hoy da: Spanish for Real Life, Volume 1 by McMinn, John T., García, Nu... ISBN: 9780205761548 List Price: $20.00
Student Activities Manual for Anda: Curso intermedio Revised by Heining-Boynton, Audrey L.,... ISBN: 9780205800681 List Price: $66.67
En Plena Vista by Hazan, Maurice, Figueras, L... ISBN: 9781933209746
Manual que Acompana Sol Y Viento En Breve by VanPatten, Bill, Keating, G... ISBN: 9780073280905 List Price: $48.44
LA Herencia by McGraw-Hill Staff ISBN: 9780844270463 List Price: $16.64
Buen Viaje Level 2 by Woodford, Protase E., Schmi... ISBN: 9780026415170 List Price: $73.84
Holt Spanish 2 - Expresate Lab Book For Media And Online Activities by Holt, Rinehart and Winston ... ISBN: 9780030745188 List Price: $15.00
Conversacion y repaso (with Audio CD) by Sandstedt, Lynn A., Kite, R... ISBN: 9780495803331 List Price: $130.95
Workbook/Lab Manual (Manual de actividades) Volume 2 for Sol y Viento by VanPatten, Bill, Leeser, Mi... ISBN: 9780077397784 List Price: $49.38
Student Activites Manual for Hoy da: Spanish for Real Life, Volume 1 by McMinn, John T., García, Nu... ISBN: 9780205756452 List Price: $33.33
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