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Hola! Como estas? You probably already know that this means, "Hello! How are you?" in Spanish. This is good to know if you are planning a trip to the beautiful, endless beaches of Costa Rica and want to be friendly. And you'll want to know more if you decide to stay for a few months or years when you discover the beauty of the rainforests and the warmth off their blue waters. Beyond using a second language for travel, there is a beauty in expanding your mind and being able to communicate with a wider circle of human beings. Say you are on a bus, and a sweet, elderly lady begins asking you an important question in Spanish. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to help her? Our extensive collection of used Spanish textbooks will provide a perfect start for your second language education, and extended knowledge if you already have a few years of Spanish education under your belt. Not only is our collection extensive, we offer the cheapest textbooks around (translated into Spanish, cheap is barato)! Our used textbooks are in great condition and will be shipped directly to your door. Begin your search for Spanish textbooks by title, author and/or ISBN. Gracias!

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Poco a Poco by Hendrickson, James M., Borr... ISBN: 9780838478431 List Price: $165.95
I Arriba! Comunicacion Y Cultura by Zayas-Bazán, Eduardo F., Ba... ISBN: 9780131175297 List Price: $128.33
Buen Viaje Level 2 by Woodford, Protase E., Schmi... ISBN: 9780078619700 List Price: $89.60
Avance Intermediate Spanish by Bretz, Mary Lee, Dvorak, Tr... ISBN: 9780073277943 List Price: $76.25
Supplementary Material T/a Puntos de Partida by Foerster, Sharon W. ISBN: 9780073388977 List Price: $21.25
Apntate! Corrected Printing by Perez Girones, Ana Maria, D... ISBN: 9780077405366 List Price: $140.94
Workbook in Everyday Spanish A Comprehensive Grammar Review by Andújar, Julio I., Dixson, ... ISBN: 9780131825147 List Price: $61.40
Expresate: Activities for Communication, Vol. 1 by Holt, Rinehart and Winston ... ISBN: 9780030744129 List Price: $22.13
Cuaderno de Actividades, Lvl 1 Activity Book by Holt, Rinehart and Winston ... ISBN: 9780030744662 List Price: $17.60
Como Te Va B, Nivel Azul by Schmitt, Conrad J. ISBN: 9780078603518 List Price: $63.96
Conversacion Y Repaso Intermediate Spanish by Copeland, John G., Kite, Ra... ISBN: 9780030295812 List Price: $81.95
Conversacion Y Repaso Intermediate Spanish by Sandstedt, Lynn A., Kite, R... ISBN: 9781413031867 List Price: $53.95
Literatura Y Arte Intermediate Spanish by Sandstedt, Lynn A., Kite, R... ISBN: 9780838457795 List Price: $90.95
Mas Alla De Las Palabras Activities Manual A Complete Program in Intermediate Spanish by Gallego, Olga, Godev, Conce... ISBN: 9780471465782 List Price: $133.95
Pasajes Lengua by Bretz, Mary Lee, Dvorak, Tr... ISBN: 9780073254975 List Price: $113.75
Manual de gramatica: En espanol by Iguina, Zulma, Dozier, Eleanor ISBN: 9780495910312 List Price: $106.95
Mosaicos Volume 2 by Castells, Matilde Olivella,... ISBN: 9780205636082 List Price: $56.00
Biology - Study Guide by Campbell, Neil A., Reece, J... ISBN: 9780321501561 List Price: $61.33
Spanish for the Green Industry by Thomas, Jennifer ISBN: 9780130480415 List Price: $75.20
Civilizacion y Cultura Intermediate Spanish by Sandstedt, Lynn A., Kite, R... ISBN: 9781413030105 List Price: $95.95
Plazas Lugar De Encuentros by Hershberger, Robert, Navey-... ISBN: 9780838408520 List Price: $176.95
Mosaicos Spanish As a World Language by Castells, Matilde, Guzman, ... ISBN: 9780131923249 List Price: $152.00
SAM Audio Program for Rusch/Dominguez/Caycedo Garner's Fuentes: Conversacion y gramatica by Debbie Rusch, Marcela Domin... ISBN: 9780495898696 List Price: $54.95
En Contacto Lecturas Intermedias by Gill, Mary McVey, Wegmann, ... ISBN: 9780030345036 List Price: $45.95
Al Corriente Curso Intermedio De Espanol by Blake, Robert J., Gonzalez-... ISBN: 9780072496406 List Price: $97.30
Claro Que Si! An Integrated Skills Approach by Garner, Lucia Caycedo ISBN: 9780618190355 List Price: $99.95
Temas Spanish for the Global Community by Cubillos, Jorge H. ISBN: 9780838482261 List Price: $112.95
Puentes Spanish for Intensive and High Beginner Course by Marinelli, Patti J., Laughl... ISBN: 9780838425916 List Price: $87.95
Pasajes: Literatura by Bretz, Mary, Dvorak, Trisha... ISBN: 9780077264093 List Price: $75.63
Spanish for Getting Along: Basic Spanish Series by Jarvis, Ana, Lebredo, Raque... ISBN: 9780495902676 List Price: $76.95
Expresate 2: Cuaderno de Vocaciones - Holt, Rinehart and Winston Staf - Paperback by Holt, Rinehart and Winston ... ISBN: 9780030744969 List Price: $14.60
Spanish for Teachers: Basic Spanish Series by Mena-Aylln, Francisco, Jarv... ISBN: 9780495902409 List Price: $76.95
Conversacion Y Repaso Intermediate Spanish by Sandstedt, Lynn A., Kite, R... ISBN: 9781413030129 List Price: $135.95
Leyendas del mundo hispano (3rd Edition) by Bacon, Susan M., Humbach, N... ISBN: 9780205696505 List Price: $43.40
Expresate Level 2 by Holt, Rinehart and Winston ... ISBN: 9780030744976 List Price: $15.00
Buen Viaje Level - 1 Writing Activities by Schmitt, Conrad J., Woodfor... ISBN: 9780078619526 List Price: $23.56
De Una Vez! 1e by Rojas, Nelson, Samaniego, F... ISBN: 9780618348947 List Price: $137.95
Nuevos Horizontes Lengua, conversacion y literatura by Gilman, Graciela Ascarrunz,... ISBN: 9780471475972 List Price: $118.95
Poco a Poco by Hendrickson, James M. ISBN: 9780838447536 List Price: $57.95
Nexos Media Edition by Long, Sara, Carreira, Maria... ISBN: 9780618684274 List Price: $171.95
-dimelo Tu! by Rodríguez, Francisco, Saman... ISBN: 9781413006377 List Price: $157.95
Sabias Que? by Van Patten, Bill, Lee, Jame... ISBN: 9780072555868
Sol Y Viento En Breve by VanPatten, Bill, Leeser, Mi... ISBN: 9780072972191 List Price: $152.50
Mosaicos Spanish as a World Language by Castells, Matilde, Guzman, ... ISBN: 9780131544208 List Price: $125.33
Atando Cabos Curso Intermedio De Espanol by González-Aguilar, Maria, Ro... ISBN: 9780131845206 List Price: $82.00
Student Workbook for Introduccion a la linguistica espanola by Gonzalez Flores, Francisca,... ISBN: 9780205647064 List Price: $35.20
Workbook/Laboratory Manual to Accompany Portafolio, Volume 2 by Ramos, Alicia, Davis, Rober... ISBN: 9780077216139 List Price: $55.00
Open Door to Spanish A Conversation Course for Beginners Level 1 by Madrigal, Margarita ISBN: 9780131116115 List Price: $86.40
Metas Spanish in Review, Moving Toward Fluency by Foerster, Sharon W., Lambri... ISBN: 9780073513201 List Price: $113.75
Civilizacion y cultura by Sandstedt, Lynn A., Kite, R... ISBN: 9781439084496 List Price: $95.95
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