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How would you feel if you knew your college book budget couldn't stretch to buying the books you really wanted as well as needed? If you read fiction (regardless of whether you need it for your studies or not) you need to get affordable deals on it from Valore Books. Buy cheap high tech textbooks now in science fiction and get some amazing and enlightening stories to read on a daily basis. Look out for Spares; Ender's Game; Spares: The Special Edition; and Mother of God, among other titles we have here. Our collection is constantly updated and changed as people buy and rent used high tech textbooks. This means you should come back all the time to see what else we have in stock. Buy from us now and sell your high tech books back so others can benefit from pre-owned books as well. You will be glad you tried us!

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Ender's Game by Card, Orson Scott ISBN: 9780765378484
Mother of God (Charnwood Library) by Ambrose, David ISBN: 9780708989364 List Price: $34.50
The Grand Theorem by Brown, Joseph E. ISBN: 9780595446568 List Price: $18.95
Romeo and Leila and the Enigma of Tine (English Edition) by Karimi, Bizhan, Laxman, Amr... ISBN: 9780979661310 List Price: $15.00
Spares by Smith, Michael M., Gaiman, ... ISBN: 9780963339775 List Price: $400.00
Ender's Game by Card, Orson Scott ISBN: 9780784815885
Ender's Game by Card, Orson Scott ISBN: 9780784839065
Ender's Game by Card, Orson Scott ISBN: 9780765394866
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