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Buy used historical textbooks in the mystery and detective field now and gain an insight into how stories are plotted out in this genre. Detectives can exist at any point in time as you will see, which means you can buy cheap historical textbooks to find out more about them. The thrill of trying to solve a mystery as you read the book is always present and always exciting to enjoy. Our collection is forever changing as people buy and rent used historical textbooks, so you never know what you will find here. We always ensure we buy back historical books though so we can add more to our collection for you to enjoy. Affordable deals on discounted books are common knowledge when you get used to using Valore Books, so make sure you get the best options available on our website today. With our help you can save plenty of cash.

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Hellfire Club by Tapper, Jake ISBN: 9780316472302
Wicked Deed : 5 by Gregory, Susanna ISBN: 9780751569391
Gangster by Cussler, Clive, Scott, Justin ISBN: 9781594139048
Two Bronze Pennies by Nickson, Chris ISBN: 9781847516084
Cutthroat by Cussler, Clive, Scott, Justin ISBN: 9780399575624
Rescue for a Queen by Buckley, Fiona ISBN: 9781780295374
Study in Treason : A Daughter of Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Goldberg, Leonard ISBN: 9781643583235 List Price: $37.95
Western Wind : A Novel by Harvey, Samantha ISBN: 9780802147721
Macbeth by Nesb´┐Ż, Jo ISBN: 9788972759300 List Price: $45.90
One Good Deed by Baldacci, David ISBN: 9781538750544
Last Passenger : A Prequel to the Charles Lenox Series by Finch, Charles ISBN: 9781643586403 List Price: $36.95
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