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Erotica is a powerful section of fiction, and we are proud to provide a range of discounted titles here and now. It couldn't be simpler to buy cheap erotica textbooks to enjoy at affordable prices. Simply look at the price column and you'll see we also include the percentage off the normal price you would pay elsewhere. With titles including Wild Passions, Catalyst, Myra: Stolen Innocence and Fever 42 on offer, you can buy used erotica textbooks to read whenever you wish, without spending more than you can afford. Our pre-owned collection features new titles all the time, thanks to the buyback service we also run. Sell your erotica books back whenever you no longer need them. We'll pay you for the privilege. Whatever type of erotic fiction you like to read, you are sure to find something you'd enjoy in our collection. Bookmark our site to come back and look for new additions regularly.

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Objections Overruled by Lemons, C. R., Wahl, Bradley ISBN: 9780999570678 List Price: $10.99
Change Gonna Come by Necolle, J'Sat ISBN: 9780996123419 List Price: $13.00
I Love You When We're Together by Snowdale, Patsy, Mirell, Ba... ISBN: 9780578523859 List Price: $14.95
Tumultuous Too! : The Sequel by Perry, Yolanda ISBN: 9780578562568 List Price: $20.00
Location of Love (revised) : Dreams Fulfilled by Himel, Calvin ISBN: 9780578557113 List Price: $19.99
Supermarket Love Affair by Himel, Calvin ISBN: 9780578557120 List Price: $15.99
Four Girls Plus One : My Five Wives by Himel, Calvin ISBN: 9780692189573 List Price: $14.99
How to Be a Faggot by Karon, Jamison, Jazmin, Van... ISBN: 9780692912546
My Home on Whore Island : A Randi Michaels Novel by Lance, Dalia ISBN: 9781644500026 List Price: $9.99
Entercourse : Anytime Anyplace by tracey, christopher ISBN: 9781733221801 List Price: $21.00
Suppression by 20 A-M Productions, 20 A-M ... ISBN: 9780578572734 List Price: $14.99
Sons from the Southh by Pledge ISBN: 9780998894157 List Price: $17.95
Silk Sash by Demicoeur, Demicoeur ISBN: 9781614505020 List Price: $24.95
Entre Tus Piernas by Cruz, Mairym ISBN: 9781641311557
I Will, Through the Veil: Gay Mormon Porn by Townsend, Johnny, Johnny To... ISBN: 9781644389348 List Price: $18.95
X : Am�rrame, Az�tame, �mame by Mike, Xathaniel, Mike, Xath... ISBN: 9781734011241 List Price: $18.49
It Aint Easy Being a Hoe : Hoe Squad Elite #HSE by Feature Me, Feature Me, Lit... ISBN: 9781734077902 List Price: $21.99
Rocking Cheyenne by Chambers, Amanda ISBN: 9781734091311 List Price: $1.00
Silver Lights by Lynn, Michelle, Michelle Lynn ISBN: 9781951490010 List Price: $9.99
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