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Caring for the elderly members of our families has changed somewhat over the years. If you want to know more about this aspect of families and relationships, we can provide the cheapest deals you have ever seen. We can also make it easy to buy cheap eldercare textbooks without paying anywhere near the prices you would be expected to elsewhere. When you buy used eldercare textbooks the prices automatically come down. You can also get many titles you may not find elsewhere. Among our collection you can find Elder Advocacy: Essential Knowledge and Skills Across Settings; Basic Skills for Nursing Assistants in Long Term Care; Handbook on Ethical Issues in Aging; and Understanding Quality of Life in Old Age. Our prices start from a mere few cents, so whatever college budget you may be juggling with, you can make it go way further than it would elsewhere. Isn't that good news?

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Prepare for Eldercare Pt. 2 : A Community Resource Manual for Medical Groups by Kurren, Oscar, Kurren, Lynette ISBN: 9780933948280 List Price: $24.00
Staffing in Residential Care Homes: A Handbook of Guidance on the Calculation of Staffing Es... by Wagner Development Group Staff ISBN: 9780902789692 List Price: $40.00
Working with Older Clients by York ISBN: 9780766805385
Supplement to Developing Residential Practice : A Source Book by Douglas, Robin, Payne, Chri... ISBN: 9780785537311
Better Services for Older People by Payne, Chris ISBN: 9780785500865
Improving Residential Practice : Promoting Choice in Homes for Elderly People by Potter, Pat, Wiseman, Vanessa ISBN: 9780785558842
Directory of Practice Examples in Residential Care for Elderly People by Domoney, Lynette, Halves, Ruth ISBN: 9780785558859
Supplement to Developing Residential Practice : A Source Book by Douglas, Robin, Payne, Chri... ISBN: 9780785558866
Long-Term Care : Private Sector Elder Care Could Yield Multiple Benefits by Unknown ISBN: 9780788117558 List Price: $25.00
Easing the Family Caregiver Burden : Programs Around the Nation: Congressional Hearing by Takamura, Jeanette C. ISBN: 9780788187605 List Price: $30.00
Self-Neglect among the Elderly : Maintaining Continuity of Self by Bozinovski, Susanna D. ISBN: 9780788174568 List Price: $40.00
Care of the Elderly by Pinkston, Elisie M. ISBN: 9780205144501 List Price: $33.95
Care of the Elderly by Pinkston, Elisie M. ISBN: 9780205144495 List Price: $19.95
Aging in America Vol. 3 : Societal Issues by Cavanaugh, John C., Cavanau... ISBN: 9780313350993
Aging in America Vol. 2 : Physical and Mental Health by Cavanaugh, John C., Cavanau... ISBN: 9780313350979
When Your Parents Need You by Robinson, Rita ISBN: 9780809565610 List Price: $25.00
State Residential Care and Assisted Living Policy by Mollica, Robert, Johnson-La... ISBN: 9781422303450 List Price: $45.00
Taking Care : Ethical Caregiving in Our Aging Society by Kass, Leon R. ISBN: 9781422303528 List Price: $40.00
Physical Frailty : A Reducible Barrier to Independence for Older Americans by Unknown ISBN: 9781568069449 List Price: $10.00
Narrative Explanation A Pragmatic Theory of Discourse by Stopp, G. Harry, Jr. ISBN: 9780820432199 List Price: $48.95
Last Years of Long Lives The Larvik Study by Romoren, Tor Inge ISBN: 9780415301985 List Price: $145.00
Long-Term Care Nursing Standards, Policies, and Procedures by Leshem, O. Alice, Varholak,... ISBN: 9780834203310 List Price: $209.00
Long Term Care Survival Handbook by Hegner, Barbara, Needham, J... ISBN: 9780766832220 List Price: $39.95
Thirty-Six Hour Day by Mace, Nancy L., Rabins, Pet... ISBN: 9780340370124 List Price: $45.00
Casebook Practice With Elderly by Johnson, Jerry L., Grant, G... ISBN: 9780205389452
Working With the Elderly by Mortimer, Eunice ISBN: 9780435826079 List Price: $8.50
Working With Your Older Patient A Clinician's Handbook by Gastel, B. ISBN: 9780788115714 List Price: $20.00
Mosby's Textbook F/long-term...+workbk. by Sorrentino, Sheila A., Gore... ISBN: 9780323007078 List Price: $47.95
Quality Health Care for the Elderly A Manual for Instructors for Nurses and Other Health Wor... by WHO Regional Office for the... ISBN: 9789290611363 List Price: $19.80
Pharmacologic Aspects of Aging by Pagliaro, Louis A., Pagliar... ISBN: 9780801637483 List Price: $32.95
Working with Elderly People - Sue Stevens - Paperback by Stevens, Sue ISBN: 9781897635919 List Price: $200.00
Assisting in Long-Term Care by Hegner, Barbara R. ISBN: 9780827354432
Group Work with Older Adults - Ronald W. Toseland - Paperback by Toseland, Ronald W. ISBN: 9780814781999 List Price: $17.50
Caring for Older People Creative Approaches to Good Practice by Smyth, Terry ISBN: 9781861526670 List Price: $23.95
Aging & Mental Health A Comprehensive Guide to Working With the Elderly by Casciani, Joseph M., Rest, ... ISBN: 9780961991302 List Price: $94.95
Caregiver's Guide for Canadians by Lauber, Rick ISBN: 9781770401884
Aging in America [3 volumes] by Cavanaugh, John C., Cavanau... ISBN: 9780313350931 List Price: $184.95
Health and Long-Term Care Financing for Seniors by Beam, Burton T., Jr., Morit... ISBN: 9781932819793
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