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Unfortunately, abuse can be split into many different areas. That's why we have been able to divide our website into several sections in this particular case. This means you can buy abuse textbooks online from us that fall into such categories as child abuse, elder abuse, domestic partner abuse and general titles as well. We provide you with the chance to rent cheap abuse textbooks to help with your studies as well as being able to buy them. Many titles offer both options, while others are available for purchase only. Whatever you decide to do you can buy abuse textbooks online from us today for the cheapest prices. We buy back abuse books as well so you can always be sure of having somewhere to sell back to whenever you get the chance. Securing the best deals on pre-owned books might sound difficult but it doesn't have to be. You can get the best and cheapest prices when you come to us.

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Violence Against Women Classic Papers by Kennedy Bergen, Raquel L., ... ISBN: 9780205392636 List Price: $64.80
Child Neglect : Planning and Intervention by Horwath, Jan ISBN: 9780230206663
Jailbait The Politics of Statutory Rape Laws in the United States by Cocca, Carolyn E. ISBN: 9780791459065 List Price: $31.95
Child Protection Work Beyond the Rhetoric by Buckley, Helen ISBN: 9781843100751 List Price: $34.95
Children at Risk: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Child Abuse and Neglect by Goldman, Renitta L., Gargui... ISBN: 9780890792209 List Price: $29.00
Elder Abuse Work Best Practice in Britain and Canada by Pritchard, Jacki ISBN: 9781853027048 List Price: $69.95
Coping with Domestic Violence (Real Life Issues) by Miles, Liz ISBN: 9781432947620 List Price: $32.00
Abuse of Older People A Training Manual for Detection and Prevention by Pritchard, Jacki ISBN: 9781853023057 List Price: $36.95
Broken Taboo: Sex in the Family by Justice, Blair, Justice, Rita ISBN: 9780877054825 List Price: $20.95
Solution-Focused Treatment of Domestic Violence Offenders Accountability for Change by Lee, Mo Yee, Sebold, John, ... ISBN: 9780195146776 List Price: $39.95
Creative Response to Child Sexual Abuse Challenges and Dilemmas by Richardson, Sue, Bacon, Hea... ISBN: 9781843101475 List Price: $34.95
From Surviving to Thriving Incest, Feminism and Recovery by Dinsmore, Christine ISBN: 9780791406298 List Price: $29.95
Sexual Abuse The Child's Voice Poppies on the Rubbish Heap by Bray, Madge ISBN: 9781853024870 List Price: $36.95
Therapist's Guide to Growing Free A Manual for Survivors of Domestic Violence by Deaton, Wendy Susan, Hertic... ISBN: 9780789014689 List Price: $29.95
Public Inquiries into Residential Abuse of Children by Corby, Brian, Roberts, Vick... ISBN: 9781853028953 List Price: $44.95
Leaving Abusive Partners From the Scars of Survival to the Wisdom for Change by Kirkwood, Catherine ISBN: 9780803986862 List Price: $47.95
Injury Prevention for the Elderly A Research Guide by Walker, Bonnie L. ISBN: 9780313296703 List Price: $93.95
Child Abuse and Child Abusers Protection and Prevention by Waterhouse, Lorraine ISBN: 9781853024085 List Price: $36.95
Children Exposed to Domestic Violence Current, Issues in Research, Intervention, Prevention,... by Geffner, Robert, Jaffe, Pet... ISBN: 9780789008206 List Price: $41.95
Creative Therapies With Traumatized Children by Bannister, Anne ISBN: 9781843101550 List Price: $32.95
Policing Marital Violence in Singapore by Narayanan, Ganapathy ISBN: 9789004171312
Creating Human Rights: How Noncitizens Made Sex Persecution Matter to the World by Alfredson, Lisa S. ISBN: 9780812241259 List Price: $69.95
Childhood Sexual Abuse A Reference Handbook by Kinnear, Karen L. ISBN: 9781851099054 List Price: $55.00
Encyclopedia of Child Abuse by Clark, Robin E., Clark, Jud... ISBN: 9780816066773 List Price: $75.00
Becoming a Trainer in Adult Abuse Work A Practical Guide by Pritchard, Jacki ISBN: 9781853029134 List Price: $44.95
House Divided Suspicions of Mother-Daughter Incest by Abramson, Paul ISBN: 9780393976359 List Price: $17.75
Children's Perspectives on Domestic Violence by Mullender, Audrey, Hague, G... ISBN: 9780761971061 List Price: $41.95
Psychotherapy With Sexually Abused Boys An Integrated Approach by Friedrich, William N. ISBN: 9780803956957 List Price: $57.95
Situational Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse by Wortley, Richard, Smallbone... ISBN: 9781881798613 List Price: $42.50
Sexual Abuse: Incest Victims and Their Families - Jean M. Goodwin by Goodwin, Jean M. ISBN: 9780815135371 List Price: $48.00
Elder Neglect and Abuse An Annotated Bibliography by Johnson, Tanya F., O'Brien,... ISBN: 9780313245893 List Price: $70.95
Hague Convention on International Child Abduction by Beaumont, Paul, McEleavy, P... ISBN: 9780198260646 List Price: $265.00
Tackling the Health Effects of Sexual and Domestic Abuse: An Evidence-based Approach by Itzin, Catherine, Taket, An... ISBN: 9780415555326 List Price: $44.98
Child Abuse And Stress Disorders by Olive, M. Foster ISBN: 9780791090060 List Price: $37.50
Family Violence: Legal, Medical, and Social Perspectives by Wallace, Harvey ISBN: 9780205319015 List Price: $41.60
Color Atlas of Child Sexual Abuse - David L. Chadwick - Paperback by Chadwick, David L. ISBN: 9780815116059 List Price: $45.00
Understanding Child Abuse+neglect by Tower, Cynthia Crosson ISBN: 9780205287802 List Price: $34.50
Violence by Intimates Analysis of Data on Crimes by Current or Former Spouses, Boyfriends, a... by Greenfield, Lawerence A., R... ISBN: 9780788178887 List Price: $20.00
Conjugal Terrorism: A Psychological and Community Treatment Model of Wife Abuse by Morgan, Steven M., Reed, Ro... ISBN: 9780882476230 List Price: $12.00
Politics and Experience of Ritual Abuse Beyond Disbelief by Scott, Sarah ISBN: 9780335204199 List Price: $41.95
Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Child Abuse and Neglect by Untalan, Faye F., Mills, Cr... ISBN: 9780275940461 List Price: $85.00
Linking Animal Cruelty and Family Violence by Zilney, Lisa Anne ISBN: 9781934043677 List Price: $99.95
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