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Unfortunately, abuse can be split into many different areas. That's why we have been able to divide our website into several sections in this particular case. This means you can buy abuse textbooks online from us that fall into such categories as child abuse, elder abuse, domestic partner abuse and general titles as well. We provide you with the chance to rent cheap abuse textbooks to help with your studies as well as being able to buy them. Many titles offer both options, while others are available for purchase only. Whatever you decide to do you can buy abuse textbooks online from us today for the cheapest prices. We buy back abuse books as well so you can always be sure of having somewhere to sell back to whenever you get the chance. Securing the best deals on pre-owned books might sound difficult but it doesn't have to be. You can get the best and cheapest prices when you come to us.

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Trial Advocacy for the Child Welfare Lawyer : Telling the Story of a Family by Ventrell, Marvin R., Furman... ISBN: 9781601566973
Anti-Cool Girl by Waterland, Rosie ISBN: 9781460750643
Fact of a Body : A Murder and a Memoir by Marzano-Lesnevich, Alexandria ISBN: 9781432843557 List Price: $32.99
Understanding Elder Abuse : A Clinician's Guide by Jackson, Shelly L. ISBN: 9781433827556
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