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Measurement and Assessment in Teaching by Miller, M. David, Linn, Rob... ISBN: 9780132408936 List Price: $134.60
Foundations of Meaningful Educational Assessment by Musial, Diann, Thomas, Jay,... ISBN: 9780073403823 List Price: $84.69
Tests and Assessment by Betz, Nancy E., Walsh, W. B... ISBN: 9780130959478 List Price: $168.80
Introduction to Classical and Modern Test Theory by Crocker, Linda, Algina, James ISBN: 9780030616341 List Price: $126.95
Assessing Learners with Special Needs: An Applied Approach by Overton, Terry ISBN: 9780131599574 List Price: $120.00
Educational Testing and Measurement: Classroom Application and Practice by Kubiszyn, Tom, Borich, Gary D. ISBN: 9780470522813 List Price: $134.95
Strategies for Passing the Georgia Regents Exam by Elifson, Joan M., Gordon, B... ISBN: 9780898920352 List Price: $31.95
Study Guide for the Texes Examinations of Educator Standards Texes Bold And Bulleted by Hadley, Nancy J., Eisenwine... ISBN: 9780205503544 List Price: $36.40
Assessment and Grading in Classrooms by Brookhart, Susan M., Nitko,... ISBN: 9780132217415 List Price: $80.00
Classroom Assessment Case Book by Forbes, Sean A., Shannon, D... ISBN: 9780130395849 List Price: $22.60
Teacher-Made Tests by Gareis, Christopher R., Gra... ISBN: 9781596670815 List Price: $34.95
Modern Educational Measurement Practical Guidelines for Educational Leaders by Popham, W. James ISBN: 9780205287703 List Price: $128.20
Testing Is Not Teaching What Should Count in Education by Graves, Donald ISBN: 9780325004808 List Price: $21.25
Measurement and Assessment in Teaching by Linn, Robert L., Miller, M.... ISBN: 9780131137721 List Price: $124.40
Principles of Educational and Psychological Measurement and Evaluation by Sax, Gilbert ISBN: 9781111305543 List Price: $333.95
Educational Assessment by Wright, Robert J. ISBN: 9781412949170 List Price: $98.00
Educational Assessment of Students by Brookhart, Susan M., Nitko,... ISBN: 9780131719255 List Price: $117.33
Knowing Literacy Constructive Literacy Assessment by Johnston, Peter H. ISBN: 9781571100085 List Price: $36.00
Practical Guide to the Evaluation of Clinical Competence with bonus DVD by Eric S. Holmboe MD FACP, R... ISBN: 9780323047098 List Price: $54.95
Educational Tests and Measurement: An Introduction by Nitko, Anthony J. ISBN: 9780155209107
Movement Skill Assessment by Burton, Allen W., Miller, D... ISBN: 9780873229753 List Price: $38.00
Connect College to Career Student Guide to Work and Life Transition by Hettich, Paul I., Helkowski... ISBN: 9780534625825 List Price: $73.95
Educational Testing And Measurement Classroom Application And Practice by Kubiszyn, Tom, Borich, Gary D. ISBN: 9780471700050 List Price: $134.95
40 Rubrics & Checklists to Assess Reading and Writing by Fiderer, Adele ISBN: 9780590017879 List Price: $18.99
Essentials of Educational Measurement by Ebel, Robert L., Frisbie, D... ISBN: 9780132846134 List Price: $67.00
Spectrum 6 A Communicative Course in English by Warshawsky, Diane, Costinet... ISBN: 9780138302337 List Price: $17.33
See It, Be It, Write It: Using Performing Arts to Improve Writing Skills and Test Scores by Blecher-Sass, Hope, Moffitt... ISBN: 9781575423470 List Price: $39.99
Preparing for the Praxis Exam A Guide for Teachers by Estrada, Rodney ISBN: 9780130973153 List Price: $5.33
Testing and Standards A Brief Encyclopedia by Wilde, Sandra ISBN: 9780325003603 List Price: $21.25
Authentic Assessment in the Classroom: Applications and Practice by Tombari, Martin L., Borich,... ISBN: 9780024209047 List Price: $48.00
Student-centered Classroom Assessment by Stiggins, Richard J. ISBN: 9780134329314 List Price: $37.50
Educational Assessment A Practical Introduction by Hogan, Thomas P. ISBN: 9780471472483 List Price: $119.95
Educational Evaluation Classical Works of Ralph W. Tyler by Madaus, George F., Stuffleb... ISBN: 9780898382730 List Price: $239.00
Student-involved Assessment for Learning by Stiggins, Rick ISBN: 9780136133957 List Price: $89.40
Alternative Assessments for Identifying Gifted and Talented by Van Tassel-Baska, Joyce L. ISBN: 9781593632984
Student Achievement Goal Setting: Using Data to Improve Teaching and Learning by Stronge, James H., Grant, L... ISBN: 9781596671140 List Price: $34.95
Item Listing for Test Gen CD-R Wgt 2000 by Holt, Rinehart and Winston ... ISBN: 9780030544835 List Price: $42.93
Journeyman Simulated Exam by Holt, Mike ISBN: 9781401857028 List Price: $19.95
Applied Educational Assessment by Payne, David A. ISBN: 9780534602826 List Price: $172.95
Classroom Applications of Educational Measurement by Oosterhof, Albert ISBN: 9780135203880 List Price: $100.60
Educational Assessment of Students by Nitko, Anthony J. ISBN: 9780023876516 List Price: $77.00
Science Spectrum: Chapter Tests with Answer Key by Holt, Rinehart and Winston ... ISBN: 9780030555725 List Price: $12.13
Curriculum-Based Assessment Testing What Is Taught by Salvia, John, Hughes, Charl... ISBN: 9780024053718 List Price: $52.00
IQ in Questions The Truth About Intelligence by Howe, Michael J. A. ISBN: 9780761955788 List Price: $47.95
Measuring and Evaluating Educational Outcomes by Payne, David A. ISBN: 9780023924019 List Price: $62.00
Portfolios Process and Product by Belanoff, Patricia, Dickson... ISBN: 9780867092752 List Price: $40.00
Measurement+assessment in Teaching by Linn, Robert L., Gronlund, ... ISBN: 9780023482618 List Price: $70.00
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